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TUFLITE POLYMERS LIMITED - Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturers and Suppliers

Tuflite Polymers Limited has been in the business of building materials for over two decades. We are a multinational company with offices in India, Africa and China.

We have expertise in all kinds of polycarbonate roofing, varied flooring and ad materials.

Tuflite Polymers focuses on the use of natural daylight to provide technological roofing solutions for all kinds of roofing industries. Our products range from transparent daylight panels to opaque synthetic roofs. We specialize in materials like solid and textured polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate multiwall sheets, corrugated and profiled polycarbonate sheet, architectural systems polycarbonate sheets, UPVC corrugated sheets and UPVC synthetic roofing tiles.

We are a renowned manufacturer of polycarbonate greenhouse panels. Being light weight & much stronger than glass, makes polycarbonate sheets a superb choice to replace glass panels. Polycarbonate is also much stronger than acrylic alternatives. It is highly durable and you can rest assured that you won’t need to replace your greenhouse panels for a long time.

Apart from polycarbonate roofing materials, we also offer several flooring requirements ranging from natural wooden to decking material to vinyl flooring. We supply these finest quality materials to several hospitals, airports, railways, educational institutes and other industries across the globe.

Tuflite Polymers also offers exclusive media substrates for all outdoor and indoor advertising solutions like printing media, protection film, specialty film and more.

So, whatever your need, get in touch with us and you can rest assured not only to get the best supplies but also great installation services if you are a large project anywhere across the globe.