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Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturers and Suppliers – Tuflite Polymers Limited

Tuflite Polymers is a multinational company with offices in India, Africa and China, operating since more than two decades, with an expertise in all kinds of polycarbonate roofing, flooring, and ad materials. Today in this competitive environment, construction industries are facing rigorous challenges to maintain quality and balance it with competitive prices. Tuflite Polymers has accepted every challenge, and has been able to lead the industry by providing amazing roofing, flooring and advertisement solutions.

Creating history has been a tradition for us, which is why we have been able to rank ourselves as one of the leading polycarbonate sheet suppliers by supplying quality products at the most competitive prices. We focus on the use of natural daylight to provide hi-tech roofing solutions, with our products ranging from transparent daylight panels to opaque synthetic roofs. We specialize in high quality solid and textured polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate multiwall sheets, corrugated and profiled polycarbonate sheets, architectural systems polycarbonate sheets, UPVC corrugated sheets and UPVC synthetic roofing tiles. From conservatories to greenhouses to commercial buildings to stadiums, Tuflite Polymers polycarbonate roofing sheets have helped deliver creative and useful roofing solutions that are built to last. Our sheets possess ultimate strength and durability, with resistance to yellowing and weathering. They are manufactured using optimum quality raw materials, resourced from authorized suppliers within the market. We make sure to examine the quality of our products before they are delivered to our clients to avoid any hassles or losses to them.

We are a renowned manufacturer of polycarbonate greenhouse panels. Being much lighter in weight and much stronger than glass, with much higher impact resistance, polycarbonate sheets have been able to successfully replace glass. With our strong and sturdy greenhouse panels that come with a special UV protection layer to let in complete sunlight while keeping the harmful UV radiations away, you can rest assured that your plants stay secure and grow even better. Our high quality materials used will ensure that you won’t need to replace your greenhouse panels for a long time. So, whether you’re building a greenhouse or replacing an existing greenhouse covering, Tuflite Polymers offers the best polycarbonate greenhouse panels.

Apart from polycarbonate roofing materials, we also offer diverse flooring options ranging in solid hardwood flooring, outdoor decking, and LG vinyl flooring. Our finest flooring materials have been supplied to several airports, railways, educational institutes, hospitals and other industries across the globe. We also offer exclusive media substrates for all outdoor and indoor advertising solutions like printing media, protection film, specialty film and more.

With the dedication and expertise of our qualities team members, we have been able to build and maintain a robust grip in the industry of both construction and advertising. We do and will further continue to be the leader in the industry with our finest quality products manufactured with extreme precision. We are also the most reliable polycarbonate sheet manufacturers who abide by the delivery times settled upon with our clients. We also offer exclusive installation services if you are a large project anywhere across the globe. So whatever you need, get in touch with us and you can rest assured to get the best products along with excellent customer service.