We are manufacturers of polycarbonate sheets catering to the roofing industry for more than a decade.


About Us

Tuflite Polymers Limited was incorporated in 2007 by Mr.Mukesh Shah, who had previously been involved in PC raw material trade as well as finished goods under the company name Shah Polymers.Tuflite branched out to solely meet the needs of the finished goods market for PC sheeting. In the few years we have been present , we have grown to become a multinational with offices in India, Africa and China.

At Tuflite Polymers, we aim to show you the many benefits of polycarbonate sheets. The assortment roofing and cladding solutions we provide validates our legitimacy.

With the increasing need to safeguard the environment, we are working towards creating environmental friendly products that implement natural resources in the slightest proportions. The detrimental effect of conventional building materials is has given way to polycarbonate as the next generation alternative. Our path breaking initiative of using polycarbonate roofing has made the impossible task of daylight harvesting, a mundane task. Previously the material used was glass, which had lower durability, higher prices compared and constant costs (VS PC.) We assure our customers the best products, manufactured by us, keeping in mind the highest quality and safety standards, as well as complying with international standards. Our products offer appealing features and meet building regulations. We provide a wide range of our patented roofing solutions, which vary to meet different applications and can be customised to your liking. With our highly trained professionals we understand the essential of modern roofing and facades thus allowing us to design specific products for our customers requirements.