Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturers

About Us

Tuflite Polymers Limited has been in the business of building materials for over two decades. We are a multinational with offices in India, Africa and China. At TufliteTM Polymers, we aim to show you the many benefits of polycarbonate sheets. From roofing to advertising, The assortment of flooring and roofing solutions we provide validates our legitimacy.

We are manufacturers of polycarbonate sheets catering to the roofing industry for more than a decade. Tuflite polymers manufacture Polycarbonate, PMMA ( Acrylic) and PVC sheets. We have expanded our horizons to include supply & installation on several large projects across the globe.

We are a bunch of energetic, agile, curious and passionate people who understand the business of DAYLIGHT HARVESTING for several types of roofs, be it for industrial warehousing, factories, shopping malls, residences, commercial infrastructure or any roof which require natural light in their work space.

Polycarbonates proven to be the right material for the last 5 decades, gives us the opportunity to offer several options which can suit any industry for its roofing requirements.

We offer a basket of roofing products from transparent to opaque polycarbonates, PMMA, UPVC and polymeric tiles which have a host of application in the roofing segment including non corrosive roofs.

We also cater to several flooring requirements from natural wood floors in laminates, engineered and decking varieties to synthetic PVC flooring catering to hospitals, educational institutions, airport, railways, food processing industry and sports floors.

To put it simple we love what we do. We keep up with the latest technologies, because that’s what makes us tick and could be the secret to our success – and yours.