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  Monthly Archives for May 2016

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets – Benefits And Applications

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets have the superior characteristics that polycarbonate sheets possess, along with the advantages offered by multiwall designs. These sheets are manufactured to tolerate extreme outdoor weather conditions, while maintaining their normal mechanical properties in temperatures ranging from -40C to +120C. This property makes these sheets perfect to use in any and every kind […]

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Which Is The Best Choice For Greenhouse Panels?

Looking for the best material to cover your greenhouse? With the variety of different options available in the market, you might be very confused as to which one is the best. If you are looking for an answer to the above question, you must first understand that a greenhouse must be able to transmit light, […]

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How the magic happens at Tuflite!

Under several joint ventures, MOU and strategic investments we provide several products for the Roofing, Flooring and Advertising Industry. Polycarbonates are manufactured at our Taiwan & Italy facility. Fasteners are manufactured under a strategic tie up in Taiwan. PMMA is manufactured at our Taiwan facility. UPVC synthetic roofs are manufactured at China under a MOU. […]

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