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  Monthly Archives for June 2016

What Are The Benefits And Applications Of Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets?

Twin wall polycarbonates or multiwall polycarbonates as they are popularly known, have lots of benefits in a lot of applications in the construction industry. They are light in weight and easy to work with while being tough and durable. They have great light transmission properties and resist all kinds of weather. They are much better […]

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How Strong Is Polycarbonate?

Roofing sheets are available in steel, copper, aluminum and many other materials. Among all these options, one that is strong, durable and lightweight is polycarbonate, which is a variation of thermoplastic polymers used frequently in chemical industries. Named so because they are polymers containing carbonate groups, and are a combination of thermoplastics, polycarbonates are utilized […]

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Why Are Polycarbonate Sheets The Best Option For Greenhouses?

Glass has been one of the most traditional materials used for building greenhouses ever since the beginning. But today, polycarbonate sheets are highly replacing glass for usage in greenhouses. There are a variety of advantages that polycarbonate sheets have over other materials, which is why they are becoming so popular. The top reasons include the […]

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Why Is Polycarbonate A Great Option For Roofing?

Looking for a rooftop installation or replacement? You need proficient roofers to do the job for you. Moreover, you will require material contractual workers and safety agents to also work collaboratively to get the task done right. So, you need to immediately contact the respective professionals and get the best deals and quotations from them. […]

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Screen Pool Enclosures – Glass Or Polycarbonate?

There are a number of materials that can be used for screen pool enclosures, out of which glass and polycarbonate are the two most popular ones. But, how do you know which of the two is more beneficial than the other. It is highly important to choose the right glazing material for this purpose, thus […]

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