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  Monthly Archives for July 2016

How To Have An Unbreakable Greenhouse?

While building a greenhouse, one of the most frequently asked questions is which type of glazing is the best. The answer to this is decided based on the advantages the glazing material provides like protection against the sun, ease of installation, thermal benefits and durability. Glass, which is the standard and traditional material used to […]

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How To Choose The Perfect Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets?

Planning to build up or replace a roof with polycarbonate multiwall sheets? You need to make the perfect choice for your project so that you do not repent later. These polycarbonate sheets come in a variety of thicknesses. You can get them as entire sheets or have them cut to the size that you require. […]

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What Things Need To Be Considered For Roof Glazing?

Roof glazing is a very challenging task. In order to introduce light into certain areas of a building, this method is popularly used. But, it is very important to choose the right kind of materials for the same so that enough sunlight comes in while protecting the indoors against the harmful UV rays of the […]

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What Makes Polycarbonate Corrugated Panels The Best Choice?

With a variety of options available for roofing materials, choosing the right one gets overwhelming. Whether it is for your home or office or any industrial space, getting the right roofing material is essential. Whether you are building a roof from scratch or getting your existing roof replaced, the consideration is still to be made. […]

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Advantages Of Polycarbonate Over Glass For A Greenhouse

Earlier, glass was a traditional option for building greenhouses. However, because of its drawbacks like being heavy-weight, expensive and easily damageable, it is being replaced by other materials, the most popular one being polycarbonate. If you are considering building a greenhouse, you would also be worried about the material to be used. To help you […]

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Guide To A DIY Greenhouse

Do you know that you can have great fun building your own greenhouse and also save lot of money? And along with that you think it brings lots of difficulties? Not as much as you believe. There are a few simple handy tools to use that will make a do-it-yourself (DIY) greenhouse project a great […]

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