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  Monthly Archives for September 2016

Are You Considering A Roof Replacement?

A roof is one of the most crucial elements of a house as it is responsible for providing complete shelter from the harshest of elements and maintains the lovely exteriors. This is why roof replacement requires lots of planning, and lots of time and money invested. So, if you are in the planning stage of […]

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Evolution of building materials

The core of a construction project apart from its design is the materials used. Construction has always been highly related to its materials, which have been an essential component since as far back as 400 BC! Buildings and structures including bridges, dams, roads and canals have been built since pre-history. Building materials thus have a […]

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Benefits Of Polycarbonate In Agriculture

In the past, greenhouses were made of glass and polyethylene film. But, this isn’t the case anymore! Glass is heavy-weight and breakable and can’t withstand stones and hail. And, polyethylene causes white pollution and needs to be replaced every two years. All these deficiencies and inadequacies are compensated by polycarbonate greenhouse panels, which have become […]

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