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  Monthly Archives for October 2016

Which Features Make Textured Polycarbonate Sheets Popular?

A textured polycarbonate sheet is one that is designed with a patterned finish on one side of the sheet. Such a surface is designed to improve the various characteristics associated with it, which might have otherwise required the use of additional materials with it during construction.

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Which Is The Strongest Plastic Sheet?

There are many types of plastics available in the market for constructional purposes. So how would you know which one you should use? You definitely need the most durable and strongest material for constructing the walls and roof of a structure where you need transparency, sunlight as well as protection. These structures include greenhouses, skylights, […]

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Benefits And Applications Of PVC Sheets

With a number of PVC sheets available for use in various applications, Tuflite UPVC corrugated sheets and Tuflite UPVC synthetic roofing sheets are the toughest materials available. Apart from polycarbonate roofing, these sheets can prove to be an added protection for structures that are susceptible to damage from severe environment. Let us take a look […]

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Polycarbonate Or Fiberglass?

While a layman may not think of polycarbonate and fiberglass having a whole lot of difference, but there are important distinctions between the two. As makers of polycarbonate greenhouse panels, we know how beneficial polycarbonate is over fiberglass. And, to help you know about the same, here we bring to you some of the benefits […]

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