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  Monthly Archives for April 2017

Which Roofing Material Should You Choose?

Roofs are one of the most important elements of a structure – may it be a home or office or any other construction. While building or renovating the outer structure of a construction, you must not forget to consider the roof. If it is a new construction, you definitely need to install a roof. But, […]

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Why Must You Use Polycarbonate Rather Than Glass And Plastic?

Looking for the perfect material for your roof? Look no further than polycarbonate sheets! This material has multiple benefits that can prove to be of great advantage to you. They come in a range of different variations to suit different applications. Polycarbonates could be clear and solid that are as transparent as glass with 90% […]

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The Future Of Polycarbonate

We have seen how polycarbonate has amazingly replaced traditional glass and acrylics in the construction industry. In the past few years, polycarbonates have gained immense popularity, especially in the roofing sector, due to their wide range of features and benefits that they have been able to provide to architects, designers, labourers, and those who own […]

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How To Stick Polycarbonate Sheets Together?

Planning to build up a polycarbonate structure, or install a polycarbonate roof on your structure? Great choice! But, do you know that in spite polycarbonate being 30 times sturdier than glass, and having 200 times more impact than glass does – meaning that it is extremely resilient to damage – these sheets cannot be adhered […]

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