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  Monthly Archives for August 2017

How to create an architectural masterpiece with ETFE

You have an idea of how your architectural masterpiece with a transparent cladding material should look like. But not sure how to transform your idea into a real life project? Look no further, Vector Foiltec’s Texlon® ETFE system is the solution and Vector Foiltec offers a comprehensive package from idea to execution. Know the complete […]

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All of Nature – Beautifully Blooming Indoors

Texlon® ETFE’s perfect technology and Vector Foiltec’s 35 years of experience offers zoos and greenhouses in enclosed spaces with a promise of outstanding environments and amazed customers. Butterflies dancing in the air, animals playing in the water, plants growing under sunny skies; and all this is now possible in an enclosed space. The Eden Project […]

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How Can ETFE Greenhouse Films Help To Yield Better ROI?

We know very well that India is a country of agriculture. A major portion of our population is involved in the field of agriculture. In fact, today many people also have building greenhouses as their hobby. Investing in greenhouse structures and coverings is a very thoughtful and useful decision as it helps protect the plants […]

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How To Take Care Of An ETFE Cushion Roof?

ETFE cushions have a smooth surface, which means lesser opportunities of dirt to be retained on the roof surface. And, during the rainy season, all forms of dirt and bird droppings are easily washed away. This means that there is less maintenance required when it comes to the aspect of cleaning such roofs as compared […]

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