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  Monthly Archives for September 2017

What Makes Polycarbonate Better Than Fiberglass?

There has been a long debate between which is better – polycarbonate or fiberglass. But, it comes to an end with this blog, which clearly proves that polycarbonate is the winner. Although a layman may not find a difference between the two materials, there are a whole lot of differences that you must know about, […]

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Which Is A Better Roofing Choice – Glass Or Polycarbonate?

The continuing debate of whether a glass roofing sheet is better or a polycarbonate roof, for structures where transparency and protection are required, ends here. Glass has been the traditional material used for transparency since the past many years, but now there are multiple options that are available to replace glass and prove more beneficial, […]

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What Has Made ETFE So Popular?

ETFE foils are becoming one of the most popular materials in today’s designing and construction industry. It is highly being used in a wide range of projects like schools, offices, sports facilities, and government buildings. ETFE foils are plastic polymers that are created by taking the polymer resin and extruding it into a thin film. […]

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