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  Monthly Archives for November 2017

Which Applications Can Polycarbonates Be Used In?

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are highly replacing other traditional materials like glass, acrylic, and plastic because of the amazing characteristics that it possesses. The most desirable features that they possess include light weight, durability, high impact strength, UV protection, etc. These unique characteristics help polycarbonates to be used in a variety of applications like construction, agriculture, […]

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Why Should You Choose ETFE Films For Construction?

ETFE is a polymer that is highly replacing polyethylene and other similar materials in many agricultural, industrial, and constructional applications. It was initially used in designing professional fluorine-based fabrics used to cover greenhouses and other agricultural structures. But, with its incredibly amazing properties and capabilities, architects have been discovering the various applications that this tensile […]

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Should You Use Polycarbonate Or Glass To Build Your Greenhouse?

Greenhouses can be built in hundreds and thousands of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials. But, whether simple and traditional, or fancy and contemporary, the main aim of a greenhouse is to protect the plants within from the harsh environment around, while providing them with the goodness of Nature to grow. And for this, the material […]

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What Makes Polycarbonate Sheets Popular In India?

Polycarbonate roofing sheets have been observing great popularity in India in recent years for all kinds of transparent construction purposes. Whether it is greenhouses, conservatories, pergolas, awnings, skylights, carports, or indoor partitions, polycarbonate has found immense usage in all such constructive purposes. If you are also looking for such constructions, polycarbonate sheets can prove to […]

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