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  Monthly Archives for January 2018

How Safe Or Unsafe Is BPA-Containing Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is almost everywhere today – right from DVDs and eyeglasses to buildings to bulletproof equipment. Polycarbonate has the unique property of transmitting maximum sunlight through it while preventing the harmful UV radiations of the sun through its UV protective layer. Moreover, it is light in weight, flexible, durable, and impact resistant. All of these […]

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Why Should You Opt For Polycarbonate?

Today, polycarbonate sheets are the latest popular materials used in the construction industry. These sheets are being used in building a variety of structures like greenhouses, pergolas, stadiums, railway station roofs, schools, hospitals, carports, patios, and many others. This is making polycarbonate one of the most popular materials for both residential and commercial fields, replacing […]

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How Popular Is ETFE And Why?

ETFE is speedily replacing other traditional materials in the construction and design industry because of the amazing potential it offers. Originally invented by DuPont in 1938 as PTFE, it paved the way for the development of ETFE in the 1970s by DuPont and Hoechst together. But, this material was first introduced only an insulation material […]

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What Makes ETFE Better Than Glass?

Glass has been one of the most popular traditional materials being used in the construction industry since decades. However, with the invention of ETFE, glass has seen a sharp decline in the construction of many transparent structures because of the amazing properties that ETFE has, while providing the same transparency as glass. It has multiple […]

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