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  Monthly Archives for February 2018

How To Use Polycarbonates In Your Home?

Unlike traditional roofing materials like brick and stone, polycarbonate is a versatile roofing material that can be used for a wide range of applications other than roofs. Because of its amazing properties and benefits, polycarbonate has seen high popularity in terms of usage in both homes and commercial spaces. If you are considering using polycarbonate […]

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Why Should You Use ETFE For Your Greenhouse?

ETFE is a great material that can be effectively used to construct a greenhouse covering. With an outdoor weathering rating of more than 20 years, your ETFE greenhouse can be relied upon for supreme durability and toughness. Apart from this, there are many other amazing properties that ETFE possesses, which is why you can choose […]

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Are Polymers Going To Completely Outdo Glass?

Glass has been the most traditional material used for building transparent structures since time immemorial. But, revolution has been taking place in this field. Ever since polymers have been introduced, the position of glass is slowly rattling. Due to a number of reasons, transparent recyclable polymers are slowly gaining popularity and replacing glass in a […]

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