What Are The Benefits Of Anti-Scratch Coating On Polycarbonates?

what-are-the-benefits-of-anti-scratch-coating-on-polycarbonatesPolycarbonate sheets are gaining popularity in the construction industry with people using more and more of this material to build greenhouses, pergolas, skylights, skywalks, indoor partitions, stadium roofings, carports, railway station roofings and more. Just like every industry advances by providing better products with time, we can even find polycarbonate sheets with scratch resistant finishes and those finished with hard coatings. So now, not only with the exclusive properties of being light-weight, durable and flexible, polycarbonate sheets are sure to become even more popular with these scratch resistant properties. Now, bending and molding becomes even more convenient without the risk of having scratches on the polycarbonate sheet. Thus, these sheets now offer much more value for money.

In automotive engineering and electronics

Other than the construction industry, polycarbonates are used in a number of applications including automotive engineering and consumer electronics because of it designed to be optically transparent and tough. Some products made out of polycarbonate include CDs, DVDs and CD-ROMs. However, up till now these products had a great drawback of being prone to scratches and damage. But now, with anti-scratch coatings, this issue can be solved! With the application of such a coating, these sheets can now be used for even more applications like anti-scratch lens and anti-scratch films.

In the police force

Polycarbonate sheets have also been popularly used in the police force for riot shields, prison windows and protective visors. However, there has been constant use and abuse of these objects which results in damaging the surface of the plastic making these tools and equipment not used for long periods of time. But, with the addition of an anti-scratch coating layer, these tools become scratch resistant with improved abrasion resistance that can withstand constant use and corrosive cleaning agents. Therefore, the anti-scratch coating makes the tools and equipment of the police force even better.

In the retail industry

Coming to the retail stores, polycarbonates are used in display cases to display merchandise and products for sale. With constant customers touching these products and the display cases, the fingerprints leave an ugly look and touching also results in scratches. But with anti-scratch coating, the store owners can rest assured that the display will retain its look.

In the food and restaurant industry

In the food and restaurant industry, the display cases and containers made of polycarbonate can retain their cleanliness and optical clarity with this anti-scratch coating, thus making the food and delicacies served to the customers more appealing and clean.

You can see that polycarbonate sheets can be conveniently and widely used in almost every industry – may it be construction, automotive, electronics, retail or food. So whatever industry you belong to, you can as well opt for polycarbonate instead of glass, acrylic or any other material. Opt to buy your material from Tuflite Polymers, one of the best polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in the country, who offers a variety of polycarbonate sheets like solid and textured, multiwall, corrugated and profiled, and many more.