Benefits And Applications Of PVC Sheets

benefits-and-applications-of-pvc-sheetsWith a number of PVC sheets available for use in various applications, Tuflite UPVC corrugated sheets and Tuflite UPVC synthetic roofing sheets are the toughest materials available. Apart from polycarbonate roofing, these sheets can prove to be an added protection for structures that are susceptible to damage from severe environment. Let us take a look at its various benefits which helps it to be popular in various industries and applications.

Ease to clean in farming and animal breeding

These PVC sheets are resistant to cleaning chemicals and can be easily cleaned frequently. The glossy finish on these sheets helps to highlight any stains or areas that need cleaning; thus making it easy to identify and clean the spots. This material is highly used by those into farming and animal breeding; the key facilities including pig farms, poultries and dairies.

Impact resistance in breeding and meat processing facilities

PVC sheets have been proven to be unbreakable in a falling impact test from a height of 40 inches; proving that they are impact resistant, protecting the structure from any exterior or interior force. This is one great benefit in case of horse breeding. Using PVC panels for horse breeding facilities will protect the structures from kicking or any other actions made by the horses. Another area that is benefitted with this property of PVC sheets is the units that process agricultural products. This is because these units often face problems from splattering, which requires regular cleaning of machinery and holding pens for animals. Thus, this impact resistance also helps in case of meat packing in the case when animals momentary panic.

Scratch resistance in dog breeding

Another benefit of PVC sheets is that they are scratch and mark resistant too, which is favourable for dog breeders when puppies and dogs are waiting to be fed or exercised.

Resistance to smelly particles in animal sale

PVC sheets are resistant to smelly particles too, which keeps the customers from smelling the odours that come from animal upkeep in case of those who sell the animals that they breed.

Reflective properties in meat processing and reduction in bills

PVC panels have reflective properties, which helps employees to see what they are doing, which helps to limit the potential for any cruelty during the course of meat processing. Another area of benefit of this reflective property is the reduction in utility bills. The high-gloss finish provides a consistent and well-illuminated environment, thus reducing the bills for lighting and heating/cooling.

Fire resistance in factories and workshops

PVC sheets have the lowest risk of fire from sparks or conflagrations.  This is a great benefit in case of factories and workshops where such possibilities of fire may arise.

Protection from UV, chemicals and rust for outdoor facilities

PVC sheets have UV protection, which is a great benefit for outdoor applications as the sun cannot wear away this material easily. Thus, longer lasting exterior protection is guaranteed with PVC sheets, not only because they are protected against UV radiation, but also because they resist chemicals and rust. Other than areas that are highly lit with sunlight, even those areas with large temperature variances during the day or from season-to-season can benefit from these properties.

With all these benefits, you sure want to opt for these durable and friendly PVC sheets if your business falls into any of the categories above. Along with Tuflite UPVC corrugated and synthetic roofing sheets, you can also opt for polycarbonate sheets from Tuflite Polymers available in a variety of categories for use in various applications.