What Are The Benefits And Applications Of Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets?

What-Are-The-Benefits-And-Applications-Of-Twin-Wall-Polycarbonate-SheetsTwin wall polycarbonates or multiwall polycarbonates as they are popularly known, have lots of benefits in a lot of applications in the construction industry. They are light in weight and easy to work with while being tough and durable. They have great light transmission properties and resist all kinds of weather. They are much better than any kind of plastic, glass or aluminum because of its long service life. Let us understand these and many other uses of polycarbonate multiwall sheets in detail.

Light weight and easy installation

It is absolutely light in weight but, doesn’t compromise on durability. It is stiff in nature and provides lightweight structures greater spans to be designed. Because it is light in weight, it can be easily handled and thus provides for easy installation in structures. Moreover, it can be easily cut on-site using conventional tools. Because the material is durable, it does not crack or split when cut, sawed or drilled, thus there is minimal material wastage.

Light transmission

Twin wall polycarbonates have a capacity of 85% light transmission, which results in lesser condensation and thus, little or no dripping from overhead. When used in greenhouses, it helps diffuse light better in order to reduce plant sunburn.

Heat saving and energy efficiency

Twin wall sheets trap air between 2 walls, which gives up to 50% energy savings over single wall sheets, which reduces heating costs where heat is required. The air trapping capacity ensures outstanding thermal insulation.

Fire resistance

Twin wall sheets are completely protected against fire and do not give off any kind of toxic gases. Thus, these sheets can be easily used in places that are prone to fire, and these sheets are neither hazardous to humans.


Twin wall sheets are highly flexible due to which they can be cold bent and used in any kind of curved applications. This is why they are most preferred in applications where design is an important factor.

Applications of twin wall polycarbonate sheets


Traditionally, glass has been used for building greenhouses since ages, which is now being replaced by polycarbonate because of its exclusive qualities and benefits. Polycarbonate greenhouse panels are durable and also help in distributing heat evenly throughout the area. Its exceptional thermal insulation property keeps plants protected from the sun’s UV rays while letting in enough amount of light for the plants to grow.

Room dividers

You can easily install polycarbonate panels in your rooms to utilize them as dividers. They are not only easy to install but, they are unbreakable and durable too. Moreover, it can let you get privacy while letting light within your rooms.

Storm panels

Polycarbonate multiwall sheets use the same principle for storm panels that they use in greenhouses. They help build excellent storm panels that are tough and durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions.


Skylights made of twin wall polycarbonate have much higher impact resistance than glass and blocks 100% UV rays, unlike glass. It also helps in building unbreakable skylights.

Polycarbonate multiwall sheets manufactured by Tuflite Polymers, apart from the above four applications, are also highly used in pergolas, skywalks, carports, stadium roofing and railway station roofing. So, if you are also looking to buy this durable material for any of these purposes, you can get in touch with Tuflite to provide you the finest quality polycarbonate sheets.