Which Is A Better Roofing Choice – Glass Or Polycarbonate?


The continuing debate of whether a glass roofing sheet is better or a polycarbonate roof, for structures where transparency and protection are required, ends here. Glass has been the traditional material used for transparency since the past many years, but now there are multiple options that are available to replace glass and prove more beneficial, one of them being polycarbonate. With a variety of polycarbonate sheets available today, you can make a wise decision for having the most suitable roofing when you are planning a new project, or renovating your existing one. Tuflite Polymers, one of the leading polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in India today, provides a range of polycarbonate materials to suit the requirements of almost every kind of residential and commercial building type. If you do not yet know the advantages that polycarbonate has over glass, read the blog below to have a detailed idea about why you should replace your glass decisions with polycarbonate.


Polycarbonate weighs less than even half the weight of glass, meaning easy to carry, easy transportation, and hassle-free installation. In short, this light weight makes polycarbonate much more manageable than glass.


Even though being very light in weight, polycarbonate is approximately 200 times stronger than glass!? Unbelievable, but true! No more needs to be said about the strength and durability of the material, which is so widely used in bulletproof equipment and police shields.


Because polycarbonate is very light in weight, it can be easily transported, thus reducing any superfluous transportation costs. Additionally, it is easy to install without the need of special equipment, tools, or professionals, thus reducing labour costs. Moreover, it has a quality to last longer than other similar materials, therefore adding to the cost-effectiveness. Hence, in every aspect, polycarbonate leads to cost savings.

Impact resistance

We all know how glass is prone to breaking and cracking when exposed to forceful impact. But, polycarbonate has 250 times the impact resistance of glass! This is another huge significant number to consider. When hit by snow, hail, rain, stone, wind, or any other forceful impact, the polycarbonate stands sturdy and is unbreakable.


Polycarbonate is much easier to maintain as compared to glass. All it requires is soft cloth and liquid. No additional maintenance, cleaners, or washers are required – again adding to the cost-effectiveness. However, remember that you are only supposed to use manufacturer recommended cleaners, and avoid the harsh ones.

Design aspect

Polycarbonate, unlike glass, is highly known for its flexibility that can help make various different forms like curved designs and domes. It is the thermoplasticity, and the synthetic resin that holds polymer units linked through carbonate groups that help the polycarbonate to be so flexible so as to provide varied design options for a structure.

Aren’t all the above reasons enough to convince you to replace your roofs with polycarbonate? If you have made this wise decision already, your next verdict is where to buy your material from. Tuflite Polymers are the polycarbonate sheet manufacturers who can help you choose and provide you with the best type of polycarbonates for your structure, depending upon your application and requirements.