How Can ETFE Greenhouse Films Help To Yield Better ROI?

We know very well that India is a country of agriculture. A major portion of our population is involved in the field of agriculture. In fact, today many people also have building greenhouses as their hobby. Investing in greenhouse structures and coverings is a very thoughtful and useful decision as it helps protect the plants within while providing them with the proper amount of sunlight and heat that they require to grow. While planning to invest in greenhouse structures and coverings, it is important to consider the durability and longevity of the material to be used. Using a durable material can help yield a better ROI. And, there can be nothing better than ETFE greenhouse films for this purpose. So, you need to get in touch with ETFE suppliers in India if you are looking for having a greenhouse built.

When cultivating protected agriculture, creating a controlled greenhouse effect is the most practical method as it allows modification of the natural environment to protect the plants from unfavourable environmental conditions, resulting in optimum plant growth and yield. Greenhouses allow sunlight to warn the surfaces within the structure, while preventing absorbed heat from leaving the surface. This means that the heat can only be absorbed, and not escaped! And, selecting a material like ETFE can further help in maintaining the overall equilibrium of the greenhouse. While selecting the material for your greenhouse, apart from durability and longevity, you also need to consider its physical properties of solar radiation transmission, energy conservation, construction, optical stability, and maintenance; and this is why ETFE greenhouse films can prove to be the best for your application. Let us look at the reasons and benefits in detail.

Light transmission

ETFE films have higher light transmission as compared to other traditional materials like glass, acrylic, or polyethylene with a full spectrum of solar light passing into the growing area. Its total transmittance that combines direct and diffused light can range from 90 – 95% for both single and double layers, which results in more light transmission even during low sunlight periods. Moreover, ETFE films are resistant to the harmful UV radiations of the sun, thus keeping the plants safe and healthy.


ETFE films, with their non-sticky surface, have a low surface energy that lets the rain wash away any kind of dirt on the surface. Also, the snow and ice that fall on the film can slide off easily, thus allowing in more light even during chilly winters. This means that ETFE films are self-cleaning, which reduces the cleaning and maintenance time as well as costs. Not only does this mean that these films are low on maintenance, but also justify that they are high on performance.


With the UV radiations not being able to pass through the surface of the ETFE films, and with these films being self-cleaning materials, it is obvious that they live longer than other traditional materials. In fact, these films can last up to 25 years without showing any signs of deterioration and reduced performance!

So now that you are convinced that you must get ETFE films for your greenhouse applications, make sure you get the materials from a trusted supplier. Tuflite Polymers are the most reputed ETFE suppliers in India where you can get the best quality materials and rest assured that your buy is absolutely pocket-friendly.