How Can Multiwall Polycarbonates Add Functionality To Your Roof?

How Can Multiwall Polycarbonates Add Functionality To Your Roof

While planning a construction or a structural renovation, we tend to forget about considering the roof in the initial stages. We often leave that consideration for later thinking that it isn’t as important. But, this attitude of leaving behind the roof for later is a big mistake. The roof forms a very important element of any structure, and should be thought about in the initial stages itself, when the considerations of the walls and flooring are being made. After all, the roof plays its own important role in protecting the structure and inhabitants from harsh outdoor environment like cold winters, raging hot summers, and turbulent rainy monsoons. So, to keep yourself protected, you must know the right materials you need to use for your roof.

You need a roof that can withstand extreme temperatures and climates, and one that is durable enough so that you don’t need to worry about its breakage and repairs every year. One such virtually unbreakable material is multiwall polycarbonate. Polycarbonate multiwall sheets have air spaces between the walls, which makes them great thermal insulators. This kind of insulation helps the indoors remain cooler during the summers and warmer during the winters. These sheets are highly versatile and functional, which is why they are used in a variety of applications like greenhouses, skylights, false ceilings, pool enclosures, patio coverings, domes, shelters, canopies, sheds, walkways, carports, and lots more.

Installing polycarbonates is much easier as compared to the installation of other materials, and you can also bind these roofing sheets without any kind of expert help of individuals, tools, or machinery required. You can get your hands on the best quality polycarbonate multiwall sheets from Tuflite Polymers as they are made from the highest quality materials and offer the right functionality that you want for your structure. The list of the most useful functionalities that multiwall polycarbonates have to offer include –


Multiwall polycarbonates are 10 times stronger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass! This means they provide all the functionalities of glass while also being resistant to cracks, breakage, and impact of outside elements like rocks, hail, snow, ice, wind, and storm. This means that this functionality is highly beneficial to be used in structures that stand in areas prone to extreme climatic conditions and environmental factors.

Harmless and non-toxic

While working with polycarbonates, you need not worry about them being broken into fragments like glass, which can prove to be harmful. Multiwalls produce harmless shards while being easily cut with the help of scissors or saws. Also, since they are flame resistant and do not produce toxic fumes, they are the most highly functional materials that can be used in areas that are prone to fires.

High light transmission

You can have a very high degree of light transmittance as these sheets are transparent to let in all of the sunlight, while blocking the harmful UV rays, since they come covered with a special UV protection layer on one side. Therefore, these are the best sheets that can be used in structures where transparency is required, and the highest benefit of this functionality is seen in greenhouses where plants get all the sunlight they need for growth, while protecting them from the harmful UV radiations that can damage them.

Anti-fog coating

Greenhouse condensation is carried away from the roofing with the high-tech discovery of this multiwall polycarbonate sheet. This ensures that droplets are not formed on your roof, thus preventing damage of nursery stock. Undoubtedly, this functionality is highly beneficial for usage in nurseries.