Why Should You Choose ETFE Films For Construction?


ETFE is a polymer that is highly replacing polyethylene and other similar materials in many agricultural, industrial, and constructional applications. It was initially used in designing professional fluorine-based fabrics used to cover greenhouses and other agricultural structures. But, with its incredibly amazing properties and capabilities, architects have been discovering the various applications that this tensile membrane fabric can be used for. This is why ETFE today is used in not only agricultural, but also for many other constructional applications like coverings for stadiums, airports, shopping centers, offices, schools, sports halls, cinema halls, and much more. In fact, this material has gained international approval of being a premium tensile membrane material for high impact roofing construction design because of its uncompetitive properties; bringing a rise in the number of ETFE suppliers in India.

ETFE has a very high melting temperature limit, electrical resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent radiation properties. With these properties and more, it has revolutionized and modernized the world of architecture. Architects are now building free-flowing and crystal-clear designs that have not even been possible with absolutely transparent glass. Among the varied benefits of ETFE, are the following.

Light weight

ETFE is so light in weight that it requires very less structural steel to support it, making the resulting structure also very lightweight, but strong.


ETFE can withstand any kinds of temperatures and environmental conditions; whether it is regarding chemical, thermal, or physical destructive elements. It can, in fact, retain its strength for more than 35 years!


Do you know that glass can block out almost 40% of natural daylight from entering a structure? Yes, it’s true! Even if you thought that glass is 100% clear, this is a stated fact. But, ETFE can allow more than 90% of natural daylight inside the structure, thus increasing the amount of light, without having users to spend extra on artificial lighting during the day time.

UV resistance

With its amazing UV range transmission of approximately 85%, ETFE has proven to be the ideal choice for greenhouses as it allows vegetation within to grow vibrantly.


ETFE is 100% recyclable, thus becoming the most popular option among eco-friendly users. It can be recycled back into beneficial ETFE products like wires, castings, and tubing, after it has served its term.


ETFE can be used as s single film or a cushion of two or three layers, all of which provide their own outstanding insulation. This means that during winters, ETFE buildings can retain heat, while during summers, ETFE can keep away heat from entering within the structure.

Solar gain control

ETFE can also be treated with various techniques like tinting, fritting, radiation, surface treatment, and layering to minimize light transmission and control solar gain; making it one of the most thermally controllable tensile fabrics available today. Also, manipulations can be done to make the ETFE film semi-translucent for privacy purposes, while keeping the heat out during the day. This property makes the material perfect for botanical garden domes.

These are only some of the most important benefits of ETFE films; there is a lot more to add to the list. But, with only these few important benefits, you may have already decided to opt for ETFE for your next construction. And, your next step would be to find the best ETFE supplier. Tuflite Polymers is who you must approach for the best-in-class ETFE films and cushions. We are the best ETFE suppliers in India who have partnered with the infamous Vector Foiltec to bring their superior-quality and branded Texlon ETFE and provide flawless ETFE systems and solutions throughout the Indian subcontinent.