How To Choose The Perfect Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets?


Planning to build up or replace a roof with polycarbonate multiwall sheets? You need to make the perfect choice for your project so that you do not repent later. These polycarbonate sheets come in a variety of thicknesses. You can get them as entire sheets or have them cut to the size that you require. A twin-wall is also a type of multiwall sheet. Because multiwall sheets have many walls or layers, even twin-wall can be categorized in this segment because it has two layers.

Why are polycarbonate multiwall sheets so popular?

In spite of the multiple layers, these sheets are very light in weight. And, the multiple layering also makes them strong and virtually unbreakable. This unique combination of light-weightiness and strength has made multiwall sheets so popular today. These properties can help one to install the roof single-handedly because of the ease to handle that comes with it. Moreover, these multi layers also provide insulation. More the number of layers, better the insulation. These polycarbonate sheets also offers UV protection along with the ability to diffuse light via its layers, thus distributing light and heat evenly throughout the area. All these advantages and properties have led multiwall polycarbonate sheets to become a popular choice for greenhouses, roofing and conservatories.

The intensity of heat and light that reaches within means there is a great reduction in hot and cool patches too. This evenly distributed heat and light helps to improve crop yield and leaf count, and also reduces leaf burns and plant injuries. This is why nurseries prefer using polycarbonate greenhouse panels to build up their structures.

How to choose the perfect polycarbonate multiwall sheet?

Now how will you choose the perfect multiwall polycarbonate sheet? For this, you need to determine how much heat is required within your structure. Also, how much heat is required throughout the longer and colder winter seasons? Accordingly, you can consider how much insulation you need and what the thickness of the sheet used should be.

  • Twin-wall polycarbonate sheets – These sheets come in sizes up to 10 mm thick, that lets in around 80% of visible light. All twin-wall sizes are suitable for cold frames and greenhouse glazing. It is the insulation and light transmission that you need to consider. Remember that an increase in thermal insulation comes with an exchange in light transmission. This means that if you use a thicker sheet that increases thermal insulation by 30%, it may reduce the light by around 10%.
  • Polycarbonate multiwall sheets – Polycarbonates that are 16 mm thick or more are categorized under multiwall sheets. These polycarbonates let in around 62% of visible light. Car ports, greenhouses and skylights may opt for 16 mm thick sheets; patio covers and pergolas may choose 25 mm thick sheets; and conservatories may require a 35 mm thick sheet. Whatever your construction, you can get the finest quality polycarbonate multiwall sheets at Tuflite Polymers, the leading polycarbonate manufacturer since the past 2 decades!