Why Choose Polycarbonate For Your Outdoors?


A few years ago, polycarbonate roofings were seen only in commercial areas like hotels, restaurants, cafés, walkways, atriums, etc. They were less popular and quiet unusual to be seen in residential buildings because of its high price. At the same time, residential areas used glass as their most preferred option where they wanted transparency and light to pass through. But slowly and steadily, after understanding the various benefits of polycarbonate sheets, people started replacing the usage of traditional glass with polycarbonate. With the gradually increasing usage of this material, it started growing in demand. And, as the demand for it grew, more and more manufacturers started increasing its production, which ultimately resulted in falling of its price, thus making it more affordable for people to use in their residential projects.

Today, polycarbonates are seen to be used in a wide variety of applications like skylights, pergolas, greenhouses, skywalks, stadium roofing, railway station roofing, awnings, indoor partitions, carports, side walls, and a lot more. They are used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, in both commercial and residential areas. One of the most popular applications is its usage in outdoor areas of homes like alfresco, terraces, patios, etc. It gives an amazing filtered light effect to the area where it is used. Let us take a look at the various capabilities and benefits of polycarbonate that made it so popular.


Using solid roofs like wood, bricks, cement, stone, etc. blocks away a major portion of the light falling into the open space. On the other hand, transparent materials like glass let in all of the light, but along with it, they also let in the harmful UV radiations of the sun. This is why polycarbonate is considered the best option because it lets in maximum amount of sunlight while also blocking the UV radiations, thus protecting the human skin. Thus, choosing polycarbonate will help you bring in filtered sunlight while also making the space appear lighter and airier. Moreover, polycarbonate avoids overheating of the structure as its reflective finish helps reduce heat and cuts down on glare.


What kind of a roof can you have with solid structures like glass and wood? It could be a flat roof or a pyramid with variations of the same. But with polycarbonate, you have greater scope of roof designs that can set your outer space apart from the other common roofs. The amazing characteristic of flexibility and durability that polycarbonate combines can help you have a domed, circular, curved, arched, segmental, eyebrow-shaped roof and many more. After all, the present age is all about the outer appearance, and you sure want to fulfill that.


Although there are lots of tints and shades available in different roofing materials, but there is a limitation after a certain extent. But in the case of polycarbonates, you have a complete range of colours to choose from including green, blue, white, bronze, silver, orange, yellow, red, and many other variations. Use the same colour as your flooring and contrast it with something different – whatever you do, you are definitely going to create an attractive look with polycarbonate.

With all these qualities learnt, you might be more than satisfied and tempted to utilize polycarbonate in your roofing. For the best kind of polycarbonate sheets, you can get in touch with Tuflite Polymers, who have been a leader in the industry since the past many years, providing a range of different kinds of polycarbonates to suit your application and usage.