Why Should You Choose Polycarbonate For Your Roof?

Why Choose Polycarbonate For Your Roof
When you think of putting up a new roof or replacing your old one, there are many options you can choose from like steel, aluminum, copper, glass, plastic, acrylic, etc. Many of these materials are heavy, while others are lightweight. Some are more durable than others. Some have benefits in certain aspects, while others have advantages in other facets. However, there is always compromise to be done on any kind of material. But, what if you get transparency, privacy, protection, lightweight, and durability – all features in only a single material!? Unbelievable, right? But, there is one particular material that possesses all these qualities, and that is polycarbonate roofing sheets.

Polycarbonates are a variation of transparent thermoplastic polymers, which has taken the construction industry by storm lately. Used in outdoor applications like sports stadiums, railway station roofings, schools, offices, hospitals, and more, this material is becoming more and more popular for both residential and commercial buildings. This popularity is because of its unique blend of properties like lightweight, durability, flexibility, stability, impact resistance, fire resistance, and that of withstanding acute temperatures.

Ease of use

Moreover, these sheets are very easy to deal with. First of all, because they are light in weight, they can be easily carried, transported, and installed, without the need of any additional labour, tools, equipment, or transportation. Next, they are non-toxic, which means they don’t produce any kind of harmful shards while cutting, thus possessing no harm to humans. In fact, they can also be very easily cut with the help of sharp-toothed scissors or circular saws. Even holes can be easily drilled into it without any fear of cracks of breakage.


Another major characteristic that cannot be missed out on is that polycarbonate provides a beautiful combination of transparency with protection. This means that it allows maximum sunlight to penetrate through the structure, giving light to the inhabitants and plants within. However, it also comes with a UV protective layer on one side of the sheet, which keeps away the harmful UV radiations of the sun, thus protecting the elements within. Isn’t this a unique property!?  Additionally, polycarbonate is highly impact resistant, meaning that it can withstand even the harshest of temperatures, climates, rocks, snow, hail, and stones. This only adds to the protection aspect of the material.

Design aspect

Its flexibility is another added benefit, which allows it to be used in any kind of design structure, unlike glass. In case of glass structures, the designs are only limited to flat surfaces, cubes, cuboids, and triangles. But with polycarbonate, you can also create circular-roofed and dome-shaped structures and other varieties, because it can be easily shaped without any damage done to it. Moreover, being available in a variety of colours, polycarbonate roofing sheets can offer incredible design appeal!

So, what are you waiting for? Whether it is a greenhouse, canopy, pergola, car port, skylight, or anything else you are willing to construct, opt for polycarbonate for a light weight yet durable solution. And, where can you get this material from? It’s easy. Just get in touch with Tuflite Polymers and you can get various kinds of superior quality polycarbonate roofing sheets like solid, textured, profiled, corrugated, multiwalled, and architectural systems polycarbonates, to suit your requirements.