Different Applications Of Polycarbonate Sheets


Polycarbonate sheets are highly replacing glass, plastic, acrylic and other such materials because of their unique and welcoming characteristics. They are used in a variety of applications in varied industries like construction, agriculture, electronics and lots more. Mentioned below are some of the most common and popular applications they are used in.

Electrical accessories, hardware gadgets and optical plates

Polycarbonate sheets are used to make a multiple number of electrical accessories and hardware gadgets. The light-weight and high-impact qualities of polycarbonate sheets make them to be promising materials to be used for constructing sensor parts, LCD sections, switching relays, computers, cell phones, connectors, CDs, DVDs, etc. These sheets are highly preferred in the electrical and electronic industries as they are one of the safest and most durable materials. Also identified a preferred option in the optical business, they are used to make optical plates.

Automobile industry

Polycarbonate sheets are also widely used in the automobile industry due to their light weight and other superior properties like flexibility, heat resistance, low dampness ingestion and dimensional security. With their light weight, they are able to provide for optimal design and to make segments of the auto, entryway handles, front light bezels, internal focal points and radiator flame broils. Polycarbonate sheets are the best materials that can be used to enhance the look of automobiles for a stylish and effective appearance.

Farming applications

Greatly used for constructing greenhouses and nurseries, polycarbonate sheets have highly replaced glass and other traditional materials. These sheets have an excellent UV protection layer that lets in almost all of the sun’s light, while keeping away the harmful UV radiations, thus protecting the plants within. You can choose from single-walled, twin-walled and multi-walled options depending on your requirements. Single-walled polycarbonate sheets give neither light diffusion nor warmth maintenance ability; twin-walled polycarbonate sheets provide light diffusion and better protection; and triple-walled or multi-walled polycarbonate sheets offer great unparalleled qualities as compared to the other two types.

Police gear and security applications

Polycarbonate sheets are now being used popularly for riot shields, prison windows and protective visors. The main concern of the usage of these sheets in the police force is the use and abuse of these objects, which results in the damage of these equipment and making them useless. But, if these sheets are provided with an anti-scratch coating layer, these tools become scratch-resistant. This results in abrasion resistance that lets these equipment withstand constant use, and bring to them a long life.

These are just some of the popular and common polycarbonate sheet applications. There are many more applications where these sheets are used like eyeglasses, impenetrable windows, retail store shelves, and many varieties of household applications. These include both indoor and outdoor applications, because polycarbonate sheets are more durable than any other material.