Which Features Make Textured Polycarbonate Sheets Popular?


A textured polycarbonate sheet is one that is designed with a patterned finish on one side of the sheet. Such a surface is designed to improve the various characteristics associated with it, which might have otherwise required the use of additional materials with it during construction.


The simple polycarbonate sheets available are generally transparent and can transmit up to 90% of visible light, and it is only through embossing that there is a certain amount of light that passes through the sheet that obscures vision. Depending on the nature of the texture, textured sheets can transmit between 40 to 72% of light – the average being 60%. Thus, textured polycarbonate sheets work best in situations where an evenly distributed light is important in only a certain amount. It is the degree of light transmission that will determine the nature of application. The opaque property of these sheets helps protect graphics that are on the second surface and also prevents degradation.

Light diffusion

The light diffusion property determines the amount of perpendicular light lost due to scattering effect, which can be achieved by making light pass through a non-transparent object or by bouncing it off a semi-reflective surface. The textured surface improves light diffusion that helps in eliminating shadows and burning effects, ensuring that soft light is distributed evenly within an area.


Textured polycarbonate sheets are highly flexible, which helps them to absorb high effects of impact from hail, rain, snow, drilling or hammering, without breaking, cracking or losing their mechanical properties.

Refractive index

Refractive index is the amount of deviation a ray of light undergoes while travelling form one medium to another between media of different densities. The texture applied to polycarbonate sheets manipulates this refractive index. This means that there will be circumstances when total internal reflection will take place by light bouncing back and not passing through the sheet. This property will reduce the amount of light passing through by more than 28%, thus obscuring vision.

All these properties of textured polycarbonate sheets make them ideal for several industrial applications where they are used for office equipment, glazing applications, automotive dials, auto control fascias and other places that require low gloss and excellent scratch resistance. Tuflite Polymers is one of the best polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in the country that manufactures such textured sheets that can withstand extreme weathers, may it be scorching summers, sub-zero winters or heavy rains. These sheets manufactured by Tuflite have high impact strength and are transparent, flexible, durable as well as light weight. They have 250 times the impact strength of glass and up to 40 times that of acrylic of similar thicknesses, thus making these sheets virtually unbreakable. These properties make these sheets easier to handle, store and install by simple drilling, cutting and trimming. There are three basic types of sheets manufactured by Tuflite Polymers, namely Tuflite™ Solid Polycarbonate Sheets, Tuflite™ Embossed Polycarbonate Sheets, and Tufgard™: Solid Abrasion Resistant Sheets that are used in various construction, advertising and security applications.