How Good Or Bad Is The Choice Of Using Polycarbonate Roofs?


Just as important are the flooring, walls, tiles, interior decoration, and furniture of a house, equally imperative is the roof that covers the entire structure. But, have you ever realized this? Majority of people are always interested in using the best quality tiles for their flooring, colours for their walls, furniture within their homes/office, and checking the quality of walls of the house; but how many of us have actually enquired about the quality of the roofing? Not many! And, this is a mistake. You must put equal amount of consideration into choosing the best quality roof for your building too. Today, polycarbonate is the material that is being widely used for building roofs of almost every kind of commercial and residential structure. Would you like to consider it too? Then, here is a list of the pros and cons of this material, which can help you decide upon whether or not this material is for you. And, if you decide to opt for this material, you can approach Tuflite Polymers, one of the leading polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in the country, who has a wide range of polycarbonates to offer like clear, textured, solid, corrugated, profiled, multiwall, and architectural.

Advantages of having a polycarbonate roof


Polycarbonates are strong enough to withstand any kind of environmental conditions so that they can stay put for years and years to come, saving the hassles of repairing and replacement for the owner. These are unbreakable, no matter what the situation because of their amazing impact resistance against stone, hail, rain, snow, ice, and any other force.

UV protection

Polycarbonates come with a special UV protection layer on one side of the sheet. If installed properly, these sheets can let in maximum amount of sunlight, while keeping away the harmful radiations of the sun. Thus, if you want to enjoy complete sunlight indoors, but are worried about the UV rays harming your skin or any other living or non-living things under your roof, rest assured that polycarbonate is the best choice for you.

Design aspect

For those who want a designer roof with transparency, this is the best option, because unlike glass, this material is flexible and can be shaped in almost any way you like. So, you can form domes and arcs in any way, which you cannot with glass. Also, polycarbonate is also available in a variety of colours to suit your choice. Moreover, the UV protection layer prevents discolouration of the roof, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the colour fading away under the sun.


In spite of all the above qualities, this material is extremely lightweight, meaning that it can be easily carried, transported, and installed without the need of any kind of additional machinery or manpower. This quality not only eases the process, but also reduces labour and transportation costs associated with other materials.

Disadvantages of having a polycarbonate roof

Can be scratched

Although unbreakable, polycarbonates are susceptible to scratching. So, when you want to use this material, you need to be sure that you are using it in a place where the scratches don’t disturb or annoy you.

Can be toxic

When they come in contact with food, polycarbonates become toxic due to the release of BPA. Therefore, you must avoid using this material in any manner that it comes in touch with food. However, today there are many polycarbonate sheet manufacturers who produce BPA free polycarbonates; so you can always look out for this option.

Expensive (Yet cost-effective)

With all the above qualities, it is obvious that this material is going to be expensive. So, for those on a tight budget, this is some bad news. However, when you get all amazing qualities in one single material that stands the test of time for years and years to come, investing a little more into it shouldn’t be a bad choice. So, if you see, being expensive is not actually a total disadvantage.