Guide To A DIY Greenhouse


Do you know that you can have great fun building your own greenhouse and also save lot of money? And along with that you think it brings lots of difficulties? Not as much as you believe. There are a few simple handy tools to use that will make a do-it-yourself (DIY) greenhouse project a great way to start greenhouse gardening. You may obviously think it better to hire professionals to build an elegant and beautiful greenhouse for you. No doubt it’s the easiest way, but it is also highly expensive. DIY greenhouses require some effort but it will be worth when you see how much you are saving! However, there are a few things to consider when planning to build a DIY greenhouse.

Do you want to build your greenhouse from scratch?

Well, it would be great if you would want to build it from scratch but you could also do it by purchasing a greenhouse kit. You can get an easy-to-assemble kit that offers a balance between cost and convenience. However, building one from scratch is better than a kit because it grants you the ability to design a structure that is perfectly suited for your space with no limitations in size requirements. You can get lots of blueprints for DIY greenhouses of different shapes and sizes online to help make starting the task easier.

What size and colour do you want?

Next, you will need to decide on the size and colour of your greenhouse. The size should be big enough to accommodate all your plants easily while allowing enough ventilation and helping them to grow conveniently by giving each one of them enough space. However, the size will be limited only to the area of space you have. You may choose any colour for your greenhouse – the one that appeals to your eye and complements the environment around.

What material do you want to use?

This is one of the most important elements you need to consider while building a greenhouse because you want your structure to be strong and durable that can withstand every kind of weather and stay undamaged for a longer period of time. You have lots of options to choose from regarding the material – wood, steel, aluminum, glass, acrylic or polycarbonate. Glass has been the traditional material used for greenhouse construction. However, it has been highly replaced with other materials because of its various drawbacks like being heavy in weight, being easily damageable and being expensive. Glass thus requires lots of manpower, equipment and a sturdy frame to have the greenhouse installed and is also not protected against damage from extreme weather conditions or stone and hail. The best and most popular material being used today for building greenhouses is polycarbonate. The strength of polycarbonate greenhouse panels is 200 times that of glass! In spite of such enormous strength, they are very light-weight which results in easy installation and significant saving on shipping costs. Moreover, they also offer better insulation than glass which helps good amount of light to come in during the day while keeping your plants protected from the UV radiations of the sun. Even with all these benefits, polycarbonate sheets are extremely cost-effective, thus proving to be the perfect fit for your greenhouse! You can get the best-in-quality polycarbonate greenhouse panels from Tuflite Polymers for your DIY greenhouses at a reasonable price along with expert service.