How Popular Is ETFE And Why?


ETFE is speedily replacing other traditional materials in the construction and design industry because of the amazing potential it offers. Originally invented by DuPont in 1938 as PTFE, it paved the way for the development of ETFE in the 1970s by DuPont and Hoechst together. But, this material was first introduced only an insulation material for the aeronautics industry. However, with the recognition of its benefits and incredible properties, ETFE gained more appreciation and become one of the mainstream building materials, which is why more and more ETFE suppliers in India are coming up.

Which properties have led ETFE to become so popular?

Light weight – ETFE being very light in weight requires very less steel framework support, thus reducing the amount of materials used, which ultimately reduces the carbon footprint and costs involved.

Transparency – Glass is only 40% transparent, while ETFE is 95% transparent; thus maximizing the amount of sunlight entering the structure, and reducing the need of additional lighting inside.

Durability – ETFE is unaffected by UV light and environmental weathering like that caused by chemical, thermal, and physical destructive elements. This increases its life expectancy. It neither gets degraded nor discoloured. Also, its strength is retained, thus increasing its life for more than 50 years!

Insulation – ETFE can be used as a single film or a double or tripled layered cushion, each type providing its own exceptional insulation. This property helps the ETFE structure repel heat during summers, and retain heat during winters; thus maintaining the temperature within.

Eco-friendliness – ETFE is 100% recyclable, unlike many other constructional materials. instead of disposing it away, it can be recycled into beneficial products like wires, tubing, and castings.

Repairing – When any material is damaged, the entire sheet will need to be replaced; but this is not the case with ETFE. In case of any damage to an ETFE cushions, only the damaged cushion will need to be replaced, leaving the entire ETFE structure intact.

Which prominent structures have been constructed with ETFE?

Because of the above mentioned properties and many other benefits that ETFE is capable of providing, many world-famous structures have been built using this incredible material. Here are some of them.

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok – The Bangkok airport is built with ETFE, which traps more heat near the roof, thus keeping the floor and bottom half of the structure cool and comfortable.

National Stadium, Singapore – The National Stadium in Singapore is made up of ETFE roof that makes it very comfortable for the 55,000 people the stadium houses during public and sports events!

North-West Bus Station, Westfield White City, East London – The bus interchange at Westfield White City shopping development in Easy London forms one of the main entrances to the shopping complex. This has been built with ETFE to provide shelter and weather protection, along with an ideal appearance.

Radclyffe School, England – The atrium area at Radclyffe School in England, which forms the intersection of five school buildings, is covered with single ply ETFE, providing an ideal space for students and staff to gather and hold meetings.

ITE College, Ang Mo Kio – The ITE College comprises of six ETFE canopies forming the fly roof area and amphitheater, which makes them the perfect setting for plant growth and public events respectively.

If you also want your grand structure to be one of the most perfect and comfortable structures for inhabitants, you must make use of ETFE. You can purchase the best ETFE sheets and cushions from Tuflite Polymers, the best ETFE suppliers in India.