Why Should You Install Polycarbonate Greenhouse Panels?


Its summer time back in the country! It’s the time for blooming flowers and raising new crops. If you wish to raise some great fresh crops right in your backyard, this is the perfect time to start off. It will be great to stand in the nice warm sun and put in a hand to help plants grow and nurture. And once they grow, they will return you the favour by presenting you with fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables! If you are one who already owns a greenhouse, you know what this talk is all about. And for you it is the best time to transform and renovate your structure.

If you have a greenhouse made of glass, acrylic or any other material, and you are looking for a better transformation, make sure you replace all your material with polycarbonate greenhouse panels this time. And if you are setting up an entirely new greenhouse, then too polycarbonate is advisable. You will be amazed by the benefits it will bring, along with the long life it will add to your structure. Once you install polycarbonate into your structure, you will not have to worry about cracking, breaking, damage or discolouration for a long time to come.

Glass has no doubt been used as a traditional material since the beginning of greenhouse innovation. But, it is being replaced because of its heavy weight, difficulty in handling, and susceptibility to breakage and damage. With a variety of materials having been come up in all these years, polycarbonate seems to be the best option. Moreover, in damp and cold conditions, glass becomes a growing spot for moss and mould. Those having a glass greenhouse are sure to approve of this. You can therefore opt for a better material like polycarbonate for replacement.

Polycarbonate is used to create bulletproof screens and aquariums. So, you can imagine how strong the material is. It is much stronger and has 200 times the impact resistance of glass! To add to this incredulity, you will be amazed to know that to be so strong and durable, the material doesn’t need to be as thick as glass. It is in fact much thinner and light weight as compared to glass, which helps in easy transportation, easy handling, and easy installation.

The most important reason why polycarbonate is the best material you can use for a greenhouse is its property of UV resistance. Polycarbonate is transparent and lets in maximum sunlight into the structure to help the plants grow. But, this is not it. It also comes with a UV protective layer on one side to keep away the harmful UV radiations of the sun so that plants are not affected or damaged. This is something that glass, acrylic or any other material can definitely not provide!

What other reasons do you want to be sure that polycarbonate is what you must opt for to build up a greenhouse or replace an existing one? Hurry up and order your polycarbonate greenhouse panels from Tuflite Polymers to be sure that you receive the best quality materials and services.