How To Install Polycarbonate Roofs?


Planning to install or replace your roofing? If you have planned to get polycarbonate for your roof, you already have made the right decision. And, if you are still in the middle of making a choice, opt for a polycarbonate roof. Apart from its various benefits of being light in weight, durable, transparent, protective, fire resistant and much more, you must know that it is also very easy and economical to install. Let us learn how you can also install the polycarbonate sheets yourself.

Be safe

First of all, make sure you have all the right kind of equipment that includes safety equipment too. Before working on any kind of constructional project, you need to be completely safe on your part. Have a safety harness and scaffold, and also have correct footwear that can help you move appropriately across the roof. Remember to be very careful while walking on the roof, without applying all your weight directly on the roof.

Find the right side of the sheet

Once you are all safe, start with the first step of installing the roof correctly. To begin with, find the sticker or film cover that indicates the side of the sheet that must face the sun. This is because there is always one side of the sheet that is UV protected that lets in the light of the sun to the maximum, but keeps away the harmful UV radiations. Therefore, this is the most important step to be followed. If you fail to install the right side of the sheet facing the sun, you will not only be left unprotected from the UV rays of the sun, but the sheet will also get discoloured with time and its life may be shortened.

Cut the sheets

After you are sure of the side of the sheet to be installed facing the sun, lay out the purlin tape over the rafters to prevent expansion. Next, cut your sheets to the required size with the help of sharp-toothed scissors, handsaw or circular saw.

Precautions while installation

Remember that polycarbonate sheets expand and contract with change in temperature. Therefore, you must leave space for expansion while installing these sheets. You will need the correct fixings to allow for this to occur without any issues. Screws are used to pre-cut holes in the sheets wide enough to allow for expansion so that the sheets don’t buckle. Also, make sure to have rubber on the screw to seal the sheet and prevent any water from penetrating the roof. You must tighten the fixings enough to prevent rattling, but remember that over-tightening can cause distortion and excessive stress. Once your polycarbonate roof is successfully installed, finish the structure with suitable ridge caps and barge caps over the top of your sheets to prevent air and water from penetrating inside.

After learning about how easy it is to install polycarbonate, you may have made up the decision of opting for it, right? But, do you know where to get your material from? Tuflite Polymers is the name you must trust for all your polycarbonate sheets requirements, may it be solid, textured, corrugated, profiled, or multi-walled.