What Makes Polycarbonate The Future Of Roofing Materials?

What Makes Polycarbonate The Future Of Roofing Materials

Just like anything else, even the history of roofing materials has changed over time. Earlier, it was glass that was traditionally used in all kinds of roofs and structures. But later, with advancement in technologies, materials used for roofing drastically changed. A variety of plastics and acrylics started filling the market to replace glass because of the equal amount of transparency they provided with lesser weight than glass. Today, the most popularly used supplies are polycarbonate roofing materials that have become widely accepted because of the multiple benefits they provide against glass. And, these materials are sure to hold a strong future in the construction and roofing industry for a long time. The following reasons will help polycarbonate have a strong foothold in the industry for the next many years.

Resilience and sturdiness

With the weather becoming more confusing, strong, and unstable every year, we can never predict how climatic conditions can hit buildings. This requires for roofs to be more durable, stronger, and resilient. Also, roofs need to be more resistant to wind, storm, hail, snow, rain, and other impacts more than ever before! In short, we will need roofs that can withstand all sorts of extreme and adverse environmental conditions. Here, polycarbonate roofing can prove to be the best.

Environment friendliness

With the rise in environment consciousness, the focus has shifted to demanding more of energy efficient options so that the carbon footprint could be minimized. People as well as architects are looking for more environment friendly materials that can also save money on energy costs in the long run. In this case too, polycarbonate is the material to fulfill the demands. In fact, when people start looking to re-use their roofing materials when installing a new roof, they will look for more recyclable materials so that it is not only an environment friendly option, but a cost-effective one too. Polycarbonate is fully recyclable as it is made from natural resources and provides excellent yield for recycling facilities. It can be sorted, shredded, washed, granulated, and then compounded for re-use.

Efficient thermal energy transfer

You might have heard of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). And you never know when this phenomenon may also make its way to the rooftop industry! Wondering how? The IoT could make it a lot easier and effective to integrate rooftop energy into the complete energy system of the structure holding the roof. In this way, the roofing materials will play a very large role to determine the efficient transfer of thermal energy.

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