Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets – Benefits And Applications


Multiwall polycarbonate sheets have the superior characteristics that polycarbonate sheets possess, along with the advantages offered by multiwall designs. These sheets are manufactured to tolerate extreme outdoor weather conditions, while maintaining their normal mechanical properties in temperatures ranging from -40C to +120C. This property makes these sheets perfect to use in any and every kind of weather.

Multiwall sheets are very light-weight – 16% the weight of glass and 34% the weight of acrylic sheets. This makes them very easy to carry and install. But, the light-weight property does not make them flimsy. Tuflite polycarbonate multiwall sheets are manufactured from high quality polycarbonate resin, thus making them very strong and durable.

These sheets have the property of reflecting heat and transmitting light. Tuflite multiwall sheets can transmit maximum 80% and minimum 25% of light, at a significantly low heat transmission level which guarantees the most favourable illumination with utmost comfort. The outstanding thermal insulation results in exceptional energy efficiency and cost savings. Moreover, multiwall sheets are designed to be flame resistant, thus they can be used in areas that are prone to fire. They also do not release toxic fumes, and so they are not harmful for humans in case of fire.

Benefits of Tuflite multiwall sheets

Now that we have a brief about multiwall sheets, here we summarize and highlight the special features that Tuflite polycarbonate multiwall sheets possess.

  • Exceptional resistance to harsh weather conditions (all weather resistance)
  • Standard mechanical properties between -40C to and 120C
  • Light-weight and easy to carry and install
  • High quality polycarbonate resin makes them strong and durable
  • Excellent light transmission (great transparency levels)
  • Outstanding thermal insulation
  • Energy efficient and cost-effective
  • Non-combustible (fire retardant property)

Applications of Tuflite multiwall sheets

Multiwall sheets are designed to serve the purpose of roofing, glazing, cladding and many other applications in the construction, agriculture and advertising insures. They are one of the most widely used and most popular products among these industries. A Tuflite multiwall polycarbonate sheet is the most ideal solution for fulfilling any kinds of construction and advertising needs. Currently, these sheets are highly utilized in the construction industry for skylights, pergolas, hobby greenhouses, skywalks, stadium roofing, carports, railway station roofing and indoor partitions. They are also popular in the advertising industry for usage in billboards and signage. Tuflite has a diverse multiwall polycarbonate sheet product range varying in TufliteTM multiwall twin wall polycarbonate sheets, TufliteTM multiwall triple wall polycarbonate sheets and TufliteTM five Wall X polycarbonate sheets.