Why Should You Opt For Polycarbonates To Construct Any Structure?


People have started looking for more environment-friendly and energy efficient materials for usage for almost every purpose. With technology having advanced so much, it has even become possible for the construction industry to come up with such materials. We are talking about the polycarbonate sheet that has become such a popular material in the construction industry because of its protective nature. Although expensive as compared to other materials, it is gaining immense popularity because of the multiple benefits it provides that are not brought about with other materials. Moreover, its long life and other advantages make the purchase of these sheets very cost-effective. In fact, its numerous benefits have led it to become a replacement for traditional materials like glass and polyethylene.

Polycarbonate is just as transparent as glass, providing maximum sunlight within the structure they are roofed on. However, unlike glass, this material has the added benefit of keeping the harmful UV radiations away! Polycarbonates come with a special UV protected layer on one side of the sheet that lets in all of the sunlight but keeps away the UV radiations. This amazing property makes it the best material to be used in greenhouses where the plants can grow faster and better with the ‘completely undamaging’ sunlight coming in. for those of you whose hobby or profession is to grow crops, you must opt for such polycarbonate greenhouse panels brought to you by Tuflite Polymers, the leading name in the construction industry materials supplier list.

Another major benefit that polycarbonate has over glass is its strength. Polycarbonate is 200 times stronger than glass and has unmatched impact resistance quality. Therefore, apart from greenhouses, any structure built from this material is protected against all kinds of impact like stones, rain, hail, and snow. Also, polycarbonate being able to withstand all sorts of extreme temperatures, you need not worry about installing your polycarbonate structure even in the harshest climates of scorching summers or sub-zero winters.

With all these benefits, it will also be difficult for you to believe that polycarbonate is almost half the weight of glass! Therefore, you can get better qualities than traditional glass, and that too at such light weight. This makes it easy to transport, carry, and install polycarbonate sheets, thus reducing on all the costs and labour involved with these processes.

Now, speaking about the cutting and drilling part, glass is brittle and has the possibility of cracking or breaking. Also, during cutting and drilling, it produces harmful fragments that may hurt anyone on the site considerably. Therefore, lots of care is required while handling glass. On the other hand, polycarbonates are the easiest to cut and drill without worrying about any sort of breakage. Simple sharp-toothed scissors or circular saws can do the job for you! No additional tools and equipment are required. Moreover, it does not produce harmful fragments like glass, and the shards produced from polycarbonate are completely harmless.

Last but not the least is its flexibility. Today, all kinds of residential and commercial structures are looking for design and visual appearance. Polycarbonate plays an important part here too. Apart from being so durable, polycarbonate is so flexible that you can shape it in any way you want. If you are looking for a domed, circular, or designer roof, polycarbonate sheet is the solution.