Why Is Polycarbonate A Good Choice For Building A Greenhouse?


What comes to your mind when you think of a greenhouse? It could possibly be a structure made of a glass roof and glass walls. Although this has been traditionally the way greenhouses have been built for years, but it is not the case anymore. Today, many better materials have replaced glass with the same properties of transparency, along with additional benefits. One such material is polycarbonate, which brings along with it many additional advantages that you can have if you build polycarbonate greenhouses. As polycarbonate sheet manufacturers, we bring to you a list of advantages that this material can bring to you, which cannot be availed with glass.

Polycarbonate is more durable than glass

Glass is likely to crack when it comes in contact with hail, stone, or any other kind of impact. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is highly durable and has amazing impact resistance and ability to withstand breakage and scratching.

Polycarbonate is easier to install

Polycarbonate has many qualities that make it easy to install. It is very light in weight that makes it easier to carry, transport, and install; thus reducing efforts, time, manpower, and additional labour and machinery costs too. And, along with being light in weight, it is extremely durable which makes it very easy and carefree for the installer to deal with the material.

Polycarbonate keeps the plants growing and protected

Just like glass, even polycarbonate lets in maximum amount of sunlight indoors to help the plants grow. However, one advantage that polycarbonate provides over glass is that it has a UV protection layer coating on one side so that the harmful UV radiations of the sun are kept out. Therefore, with polycarbonate, the plants within grow with enough sunlight, while also staying protected against the harmful UV rays.

Polycarbonate is flexible

Unlike glass which is rigid and stiff, polycarbonate is very flexible. This property gives greater opportunities to design your greenhouse, when it comes to its shape. So, if you are looking for a domed greenhouse, or one with circular or any other designed roof, polycarbonate is what you must choose. Also, its flexibility makes the process lesser delicate as compared o when you are building a glass greenhouse; thus making it easier to install the structure.

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