Why Is Polycarbonate Roofing Better Than Glass?


A majority of people prefer and choose glass as their most desired material where they wish to use transparency or translucency in their home applications. For most designers and property owners, glass has been the first choice of designers for years together. But, despite the popularity and dominance of this material, it also has several drawbacks like being heavy in weight, fragile and very expensive. Because of these drawbacks, people have been finding other alternative materials. From a wide range of materials, polycarbonate roofing materials have become one of the most dominant ones today because of its light weight, durability, flexibility and many other benefits.

What makes polycarbonate so popular?

Developed in the 1950’s, this material has been gaining widespread popularity because of its versatility and affordability. Moreover, it possesses great thermal properties and is highly flexible, thus can be formed in a variety of shapes. It is 200 times stronger than glass, yet it is light in weight and flexible. Let us learn about its benefits in detail.

  • Protection – Polycarbonate is constructed in such a way that it lets in sunlight while also protecting the structure from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This protection can include more than 90% of the sun’s rays being deviated. This means that you can enjoy the benefit of having as much as 90% sunlight let into your space, which will provide you with an unparalleled view of the sky while protecting you from the adverse effects of too much exposure to sunlight and its harmful UV rays. Therefore, this substance is one of the best materials that one can use for building a structure where light needs to be let in.
  • Shape and size – Polycarbonate being highly flexible can be shaped in any way, even in circular formations that glass cannot fulfill. Moreover, it can also be cut very easily with the help of circular saws or knives with sharp toothed edges. You need not get it cut industrially with any exceptional tools and machinery. This, in turn, helps you save on your costs.
  • Attractiveness – Apart from these constructional advantages, polycarbonate also has other designing and appearance benefits. This is because polycarbonate is available in a variety of colours. Thus, with all these benefits, polycarbonate can be used in any way to provide functionality and beauty to a structure.
  • Other benefits – Polycarbonate is highly resistant to fire; thus it can be used in areas that are prone to fire and other disasters. Furthermore, it is also scratch-resistant, which means that it can be used in areas where there is snow, hail, rain, etc. too.

Polycarbonate is used in a wide variety of application like green houses, fences, pergolas, skylights, covered walkways, swimming pool enclosures, conservatories, car ports, etc. If you are willing to use polycarbonate in any of your structures too, you can get in touch with Tuflite Polymers, who will provide you with the finest quality polycarbonate roofing sheets made from high grade materials.