Why Are Polycarbonate Sheets The Best Option For Greenhouses?

Why-Are-Polycarbonate-Sheets-The-Best-Option-For-GreenhousesGlass has been one of the most traditional materials used for building greenhouses ever since the beginning. But today, polycarbonate sheets are highly replacing glass for usage in greenhouses. There are a variety of advantages that polycarbonate sheets have over other materials, which is why they are becoming so popular. The top reasons include the following.


Unlike glass, polycarbonate sheets have the capability of withstanding attacks from rocks and hailstones without showing any signs of damage or cracks. Thus, these sheets can be used in areas that are prone to such elements. Being much stronger than glass, they can also last for long years. This is why companies offer a minimum of 10 year warranty for polycarbonate sheets because they hardly ever get damaged.


Heat retention is one of the very important aspects that a greenhouse must possess. Polycarbonate sheets are known to have much better insulation properties than glass. They result in an insignificant amount of heat to be lost through the greenhouse roof. Polycarbonate sheets are manufactured with different amount of layers to achieve varying insulation requirements. They may be available as single, double or multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

Light diffusion and UV protection

The plants growing within greenhouses require the best light diffusion for better growth. If there isn’t good light diffusion, it may cause burning effect within the greenhouse, which is very dangerous. Polycarbonate sheets help the greenhouse to receive equal amount of light in every area. Moreover, these sheets help in the best UV protection from the harmful radiations given away by the sun.


Glass is a very heavy-weight yet fragile material, which has made it difficult to be used and replaced in greenhouses. Thus, it has been replaced by polycarbonate sheets now because polycarbonate is very light in weight, which makes it very easy to install. It also takes lesser time and handling, thus reducing labour costs.


Glass is not flexible at all, thus it limits the designing of a greenhouse. Today, when the world is full of pomp and show, everyone prefers having a greenhouse that is beautifully designed and creative. Curved shapes are gaining popularity today, which has only been possible because polycarbonate sheets are highly flexible. They help in providing different shapes and sizes to greenhouses with modular designs.

With all these properties of durability, flexibility, insulation, light-weight, easy installation, great light diffusion and UV protection, you are surely going to opt for polycarbonate too. But, there are many other advantages too like polycarbonate being weatherproof and fire-resistant. Thus, you can use it in any kind of hot, cold or humid environment and even in areas prone to fire! But, make sure to get in touch with Tuflite Polymers to provide you the finest polycarbonate greenhouse panels along with many other reliable products and the best after sales service too.