How To Select Your Polycarbonate Sheet?

how-to-select-your-polycarbonate-sheetPolycarbonate sheets are designed for both residential and commercial purposes like greenhouses, roofing, skywalks, carports, stadiums and a lot more. Whatever your purpose, you need to choose the most appropriate polycarbonate sheet to suit your requirement. With a wide variety of polycarbonate sheets available, you need to be certain about the differences between all of them so that you can make the correct choice. You need to consider a lot many elements when selecting and buying polycarbonate. These include colour, UV protection, condensation protection, insulation, and styles.

Considerations while choosing a polycarbonate


Polycarbonate is available in a wide range of colours, ranging from transparent to bronze, white and many more. The colour of the sheet determines the light transmission of the structure to be built. The more light enters the structure, the warmer it will be. Transparent polycarbonates allow the most light to pass through, which is thus considered the best where maximum light is needed. Other colours reduce light transmission to certain extents – the darker the colour gets, the lower the percentage of light transmission.

UV protection

Polycarbonate is designed in a way to protect the structure against the UV radiations of the sun. However, as and when the structure gets old, the polycarbonate may be wither, which in turn reduces the protection. You need to look for suppliers who add an extra protection layer on the polycarbonate against weathering and UV rays to increase the lifespan of your structure.


If you live in areas that are comparatively colder, you must opt for multi-wall polycarbonates as they have increased insulation that reduces winter heating costs and provide long-term savings. Moreover, a higher level of insulation will ensure that the temperature will not rise too high during summers, or drop too low during winters.

Styles of polycarbonate

Single-layered polycarbonate sheet

This kind of sheet offers the highest level of light transmission but very little insulation. It provides the clarity of glass, while being more strong, durable and light in weight. These sheets may not be warm enough for usage all round the year in greenhouses, but they can work great in cold frames.

Twin-wall polycarbonate sheet

Twin-walls provide great insulation and protection from direct sunlight as compared to single-walled sheets. The thicker the sheet, the greater the level of insulation; thus proving to be more cost-effective where additional heating is required. Double layers diffuse the entering light that results in even distribution of heat and light, which is highly beneficial.

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet

Multiwall polycarbonate provides the highest level of insulation when compared to single and twin-walled sheets. These sheets are available in up to 6 layers. These sheets require great initial investment, but it results in long-term savings on winter heating costs.

Corrugated polycarbonate sheet

Corrugated polycarbonate is strong and requires lesser support as compared to other types of polycarbonate. This reduces the amount of framing required, thus reducing installation costs. These sheets increase light diffusion for even light distribution.

After reading this blog, you will sure be able to better decide on the most suitable type of polycarbonate sheet you must use for your structure. Whatever you decide, make sure you come to Tuflite Polymers to get the best quality products along with guarantee for the same.