How To Store Polycarbonate Sheets?


Polycarbonate sheets are remarkably tough and durable, that can withstand strong winds, brawny rains, scorching heat and massive impact, without any signs of cracks or breakage. However, they are prone to abrasion, scratching and marring. So, you need to be very careful while handling them. Although they work the best in extreme temperatures of heat, cold and rains, they still need to be handled well when being stored, or they could be damaged, dented, and of no use. Starting off with a roofing project, you may buy a bundle of polycarbonate sheets and will have to store them properly before being used. Whether it is for a few days or few weeks before the project starts, these sheets need to be handled and stored well. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind to prevent your sheets from getting damaged. Make sure you follow these steps or all your investment even in the sturdiest and most durable sheets for your polycarbonate roof will go down the drain.

Lay them flat

Don’t store your polycarbonate sheets vertically. Store them horizontally instead, parallel to the ground’s surface. Also, try to lay them absolutely flat on a completely leveled surface. Keep the sheets in descending order of their lengths, keeping the longest sheets at the bottom. Also remember not to store any heavy materials on top of your sheets, or they may fracture.

Keep them in the shade

Find a secured shaded place for your polycarbonate roofing sheets to be stored. It is important that there is sufficient shade. Not that the sheets cannot bear the sun; in fact these sheets are the best when used under the sun as they let in maximum sunlight while preventing the harmful UV rays inside, and do not discolour for long years. But, when you have multiple sheets stacked together, heat tends to build up within the stack if left under direct sunlight. This results in the sheets to warp and distort, wherein even the manufacturer’s warranty won’t help. Therefore, it is important to provide some ventilation and shade within the stack.

Keep them away from moisture

Just like sunlight can harm the entire stack of polycarbonate sheets, so can moisture. When moisture seeps in between the stack of sheets, it causes whitening and water spotting on the sheets, which you obviously do not want. So, make sure to keep your stack moisture-free.

Keep them away from chemicals

Do not store your polycarbonate sheets where there are chemicals around. Keep them especially away from methylated spirits, petrol, acetone, benzene, petroleum-based paints, abrasive cleaners, solvents, ketones, phenols, and chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons. Exposing your polycarbonates to these chemicals will have them to highly react, and damage as a result.

So, make sure to keep your polycarbonate roofing sheets away from heat, moisture and chemicals. Always store them in a dry and safe area, where they can last even for months together, if needed.