How To Stylize Your Space With Polycarbonate?


Roofing plays an important role to protect you and your home/office from extreme heat, cold and rains. It also proves to be a safety factor for your building. Today, roofing is not left to importance alone; it is gaining popularity as a designing factor for your space too. People are shifting to different designs in roofing to stay in trend. One roofing material that is getting popular among people today is polycarbonate. Made of transparent thermoplastic polymer and available in a variety of colours, polycarbonate is gaining attention for those seeking transparency between their closed space and the sky. Moreover, because of its flexibility, this material is being used to structure roofs in various shapes and designs. The polycarbonate greenhouse panels from Tuflite Polymers are highly being used for carports, greenhouses, conservatories, patios and pergolas. Apart from this, polycarbonate can also be added to your space in many more ways to add an eye-catchy feature to your property. Here are some cool ideas that you may want to try out.

Sliding doors

Chuck the glass sliding doors within your home, and opt for clear polycarbonate instead. This door will definitely be tougher, durable and much lighter than glass. Moreover, it will also change the look of your entire space.


Using a polycarbonate sheet, simple wood frame and cross beams, you can create a beautiful headboard for your bedroom. Using clear tape or by drilling small holes to pull the light cords through, you can attach sparkling lights to the headboard panel to make it look even more beautiful.

Outdoor shower

If your family enjoys regular outdoor activities that get them all dirty and muddy, you don’t want them to leave a track of mud all the way from your entrance to the bathroom. It becomes a pain to keep getting off the mud every now and then. To stay away from all of this mess, the best option is to build an outdoor shower area, where they can get off all the mud before entering your home. You can create an extension for a water pipe and construct a wall and French drain. Install polycarbonate walls to take advantage of natural light while it is still bright outside, and save on your light bills!


You can make finding stuff in your shed easy during the daytime by providing polycarbonate roofing so that you won’t need to use a torch or switch on the lights. Either clear or tinted, you can use whichever you prefer to make your shed a stylish one.

Deck railing

If you have a deck that opens directly to the view of a lake or sea, the best thing would be to provide viewers with a complete view. Clear polycarbonate sheets will help you achieve just that in the most fantastic way, while keeping you sheltered and safe. The clear polycarbonate railing will add a strong touch of sophistication and elegance to your home exterior. And yes, you don’t need to worry about your little ones breaking the railing and falling off the deck because polycarbonate is a super durable material.