What Things Need To Be Considered For Roof Glazing?

What-Things-Need-To-Be-Considered-For-Roof-GlazingRoof glazing is a very challenging task. In order to introduce light into certain areas of a building, this method is popularly used. But, it is very important to choose the right kind of materials for the same so that enough sunlight comes in while protecting the indoors against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Today, twin-wall and polycarbonate multiwall sheets are the most widely used materials for roof glazing. Here is a guide on the considerations that need to be made for the process.

Basic sketch

First, you need to have a basic drawing of your roofing project, where you need to show all the sections of the roof, wall and all the supporting rafters. This sketch will show the detailed size of the area that you will have to cover, which will in turn let you decide how many sheets you will require.

Quantity of sheets

Your support rafters will help you determine the size of each polycarbonate sheet, which will be the size of the distance between your support rafters. This will also determine the thickness of the sheets you will require. Basically, the wider apart your support rafters are, the thicker the sheet you will need to use. For example, a general measurement is – for a 980 mm distance between your support rafters, you should use a sheet with a minimum thickness of 16 mm. However, you must also remember that the distance between your rafters should not exceed 1050 mm. Considering various factors like wind, snow and pitch, it is recommended to have lesser than 1050 mm of distance because narrower the width, the stronger your roof will be.

Size of sheets

Sheets vary in sizes, ranging up to 5m x 2m. For adequate expansion and contraction, it is advisable to use sheets that are not wider than 1050 mm. Have them cut to the size that you require before your purchase. However, you may even cut it yourself with the help of a jigsaw or circular saw as these sheets are very easy and clean to cut. Moreover, before you cut or have your sheets cut by the seller, you need to be sure that you get the best use of the material. For this, you should calculate the size regarding positioning the sheets in a way that their channels run vertically so that they can allow for condensation to drain.

Glazing bars

Every joining sheet requires a glazing bar. Wall bars are used for the end rafters that butt against a rising wall and gable bars are used where the last rafter is free. It is recommended to close sheets with an aluminum end stop bar so that your polycarbonate sheets are kept even more rigid.

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