Tips And Steps To Consider While Installing Polycarbonate Roof


With innumerous benefits over other materials like glass and acrylic, polycarbonate sheets have gained immense popularity and are highly in demand today. Its durability, UV resistance, light weight, fire resistance, and many other properties are the reasons for its recognition. If you have also opted to use this material for your roofing, you must know the right way to install it and also a few important things to consider while installing your polycarbonate roof.

Installing polycarbonate sheets

  • Before starting any kind of construction, you need to be well equipped with the most appropriate safety gear. Same goes for the installation of your roof. Make sure you have a safety harness, scaffold, protective eyewear, gloves, and appropriate footwear. Although cutting, drilling and sawing polycarbonate does not pose any harm to the body, it is always better to be safe.
  • Now, find the sticker that shows the UV-protected side of the sheet. Remember to have this side facing the sun to prevent UV radiations of the sun from entering the roof. (Only locate the sticker, do not remove or scratch it!)
  • Start with laying out purlin tape over the rafters. Then, cut your sheets to the required sizes with the help of sharp-toothed scissors, shears or saws. Now, pre-drill holes into the sheets wide enough to allow for expansion of sheets in case of temperature change. This can be done with the help of screws. Also, make sure to have rubber on the screws so that you can seal the sheet well and prevent any penetrating water. Tighten the fixings well to prevent rattling. (Note: Over-tightening can cause distortion and excessive stress.) Now, finish the procedure by installing suitable ridge caps and barge caps over the top of the sheets to prevent air and water penetration. There! Your DIY polycarbonate roofing is ready!

Tips to remember

  • Be very certain to install the sheet with the UV-protected side facing the sun. There is only one UV-protected side, and if you fail to install it correctly, it will cause discolouration, and the life of the sheet will be shortened. Also, check for the wind direction and lay down the sheets in the correct orientation.
  • Polycarbonate roofs expand and contract as per the change in temperature. Therefore, while installing, you must take care to make allowances for such kind of thermal variations, or else your roofing sheets will buckle up.
  • It is advised to pre-drill screw holes into your sheets before fixing them. Also, make sure you oversize the holes so that the sheets can adjust to thermal adjustments. Additionally, even caps and flashings should be pre-drilled to allow shifting of sheets beneath.
  • Install your polycarbonate at a minimum pitch of 5 degrees so that rainwater can run off towards the gutter, in turn preventing water and moisture to collect on your roof.

So, you know all about the benefits of polycarbonates, how to install them, and what precautions to take. But, do you know where to get your polycarbonate roofing materials from? Tuflite Polymers is where you can go to get all kinds of superior quality polycarbonates in varieties of solid, textured, multiwall, corrugated, and more.