Tuflite Polycarbonates For Your Residential And Commercial Needs

tuflite-polycarbonates-for-your-residential-and-commercial-needsWith the increasing demand of polycarbonates for its durability, strength, transparency, flexibility and many other qualities packed into one, the number of manufacturers is also increasing. With so many too choose from, you need the best one to purchase your polycarbonate sheets from. Unless you buy from a trusted name, you cannot be sure about its durability and longevity. You must therefore come to Tuflite Polymers to fulfill all your polycarbonate roofing needs, because of the top quality services and products being extended to customers here.

With our high ranked products, we have been providing immense satisfaction to our long list of customers since the past two decades. Being an ISO certified company, we are rightly trusted by our customers to provide them with the best quality products ranging in solid, textured, multiwall, corrugated and many other varieties. It is our team of professionals and high quality products and technologies that enable us to manufacture a high quality product range that abide by the international quality standards. Our polycarbonates are used by our clients in a wide range of commercial, residential, advertising and security applications. Some of the applications include skylights, pergolas, greenhouses, skywalks, stadium roofing, carports, railway station roofing, swimming pool covers, awnings, side walls, indoor partitions, billboards, signages, police shields and safety glazing.

We are well-versed with the needs of the industry, and our latest technologies and know-how has helped us carve out a niche in the polycarbonate market. With the best-in-class features of our products, we have been able to extend our services and set up offices in China and Africa too, thus making us a multinational company. But, this does not make us pricey. We provide our high quality sheets with maximum benefits at prices that are friendly to your pocket. Therefore, it is our latest technologies, quality products, professional team and affordable prices that have helped us climb the pinnacle of success.

We are thus one of the best polycarbonate roofing sheet suppliers in the country and abroad, and you can rely on us for a rich experience of polycarbonates. So, for all your industrial warehousing, factories, commercial infrastructures, shopping malls and residences, trust us for your daylight harvesting roofs.

Our most popular products

Solid and textured polycarbonates

If you are looking for polycarbonates that can withstand extremities of weather, may it be scorching summers, torrential rains or sub-zero winters, Tuflite solid polycarbonates are the perfect choice. They possess great thermal and chemical resistance, allowing for a wide range of applications. You can choose from plain solids or textured solids, depending on your choice for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Multiwall sheets

Tuflite multiwall sheets are for those looking for versatility. The glazing system provides outstanding design flexibility, advanced heat reflection and light transmission. Choose from twin wall to five walled structures depending upon your application.

Corrugated sheets

For those concerned with environmental issues, Tuflite corrugated sheets, with their superior performance and exemplary impact resistivity, will help you decrease the consumption of energy through daylight harvesting. Manufactured with precise specifications for apt use in industrial roof illumination and daylight cladding, these sheets are highly competent.