Why Should You Use Polycarbonate Sheets?


Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer containing carbonate groups in its chemical structure. It is a strong, tough material and can be easily worked upon, moulded and thermoformed. Due to these reasons and many more, this material is highly found to be used in various different types of applications.

There is no surprise that this material is so widely used in India, especially in the construction industry. This is because apart from its superb characteristics, it has low maintenance and availability at affordable prices. This is the reason people are replacing traditional glass usage with polycarbonate, which is why the number of polycarbonate sheet manufacturers is also increasing. This makes it even more important for you to be able to realize the best and most genuine manufacturers where you must buy your material from. One such name is Tuflite Polymers who has been successfully dealing with this material since more than two decades and has a long list of satisfied and happy customers.

  • The construction industry uses polycarbonate due to its durability, strength and ease to fit without any cracking or damage.
  • The electronic industry uses this material because of its ability to withstand heat up to 120 degree Celsius and its fire-resistant and self-extinguishing capabilities.
  • The telecommunication industry prefers polycarbonate for its great electric insulation properties.
  • It is polycarbonate polymer materials that are used for making CDs and DVDs too.
  • Moreover, the automobile industry uses this material to a great extent too for manufacturing headlamps, mirrors and the body of vehicles.
  • The transparency and translucency of polycarbonate that varies from 30 to 90% also has many uses. Bullet proof glasses of security vehicles, modern fighter jet canopy tops, riot shields, prison windows and protective visors are majorly made of polycarbonate today to be used effectively in the police force working.
  • Polycarbonate is also widely used in constructing domes, patios and deck type structures due to its durability and resistance to both high and low temperatures. Another reason is that these sheets are unbreakable, maintenance-free and can stand where they are for years together without discolouring or cracking.
  • The indoor areas of buildings also use polycarbonate as UV blockers as they have the capability of letting in almost 90% of sunlight while blocking away all of the harmful UV radiations. Thus, these sheets are safe for greenhouse plants and also for the human skin.
  • Last but not the least, polycarbonates are also used in food pouches, swimming trunks and goggles, thus improving our personal lives too.

Today, polycarbonates come with an anti-scratch coating that helps them to be scratch-free, thus having them to last even longer. So, if you are ready to take up the benefits of all these advantages and much more, you must opt for this material and make sure to purchase them from reputed polycarbonate sheet manufacturers to get the right quality and service at the best affordable price. Tuflite Polymers has a wide range of these sheets for you to choose from, ranging in solid textured, multiwall, corrugated profiled and architectural systems polycarbonate sheets.