Why Must You Use Polycarbonate Rather Than Glass And Plastic?


Looking for the perfect material for your roof? Look no further than polycarbonate sheets! This material has multiple benefits that can prove to be of great advantage to you. They come in a range of different variations to suit different applications. Polycarbonates could be clear and solid that are as transparent as glass with 90% light transmission; or textured with embossed effect that give the appearance of frosted glass; or multiwalled with hollow air chambers; or corrugated that adopt two-walled structures that provide high light transmissions with superior strength. All these polycarbonate sheets have their own distinct advantages and can fulfill the requirements of various constructional projects. So, whatever your requirement, you can choose from the various polycarbonate roofing options and select the one that most suits your needs.

Scratch-proof polycarbonates

While glass and plastic are prone to scratching, polycarbonates are not. Glass when scratched, can break away into tiny shards, with the scratches being visible to the human eye. Similarly, when plastic is scratched, it leads to visible serration that is raised above the plastic surface. But, polycarbonate sheets are hardened to withstand high levels of resistance. They are very hard to crack or break because even though they are half the weight of glass, they are 200 times stronger than glass, and can maintain high strength levels and rigidity. Polycarbonates are thus seen to be used in security screens, moving machinery parts, and farming machinery wind shields.

Flexible polycarbonates

We all know that glass is sturdy and cannot be bent. Also, plastic can be bent to a good amount of extent. But, polycarbonates are highly flexible and can be bent to form curved roofs and other designer structures. This is why polycarbonates are beautifully used in designing fancy structures and roofs with the benefit of their property of flexibility. However, larger sheets will have a bend with greater radius, and smaller sheets will require smaller radius. But, one drawback of this is that greater the thickness and smaller the size, the harder the polycarbonate is to bend.

Why you must opt for polycarbonates from Tuflite Polymers

Tuflite Polymers provide a wide range of polycarbonate sheets including solid polycarbonate, textured polycarbonate, corrugated polycarbonate, architectural polycarbonate, and multiwall polycarbonate sheets. Another special type of polycarbonate panel available is the greenhouse polycarbonate panels that are clear, ridged, and free from small pitted bubbles and clouded appearance. Made from 100% raw materials, and covered with a UV protected layer, Tuflite Polymers polycarbonate roofing can last for long years. May it be extreme summers, winters, or monsoons, polycarbonates are the best material you can opt for. Also, polycarbonates can help you save high on energy costs by letting in enough sunlight during the day, and providing extra protection as the perfect type of insulation for any project. Last but not the least, polycarbonates are available in a variety of designs, colours, and tints.