Why Should You Opt For Polycarbonate?


Today, polycarbonate sheets are the latest popular materials used in the construction industry. These sheets are being used in building a variety of structures like greenhouses, pergolas, stadiums, railway station roofs, schools, hospitals, carports, patios, and many others. This is making polycarbonate one of the most popular materials for both residential and commercial fields, replacing glass and other traditional materials. So, why is it that people are being drawn to this material to such a great extent, which is raising the number of polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in the world? There is a long list of amazing properties that polycarbonate possess, which has people voting for it.

Polycarbonates are transparent yet protective

Just like glass, acrylic, and other transparent materials, polycarbonate is transparent too, thus letting in maximum amount of sunlight indoors. However, it has one specific quality that other transparent materials don’t. Apart from letting in sunlight, polycarbonate keeps away the harmful UV radiations of the sun! It comes with one side covered with a special UV protective layer that keeps the structure completely illuminated during the say, while resisting the harmful UV radiations. This is the most ideal property why greenhouses are option for polycarbonate. Polycarbonate greenhouses permit better growth of plants due to sunlight, while protecting the plants from exposure to UV radiations.

Polycarbonates are easy to cut, mould, and install

Polycarbonate has a unique balance of durability, flexibility, and being thin and light weight. Because of being light in weight, it is very easy to carry, transport, and install polycarbonate. Because it is thin, it can be easily cut with the help of sharp toothed scissors or a circular saw. Moreover, because it is flexible and durable, it can be used easily to form domes and other circular structures; thus adding to the design element. So, you can see how polycarbonate proves to be the best material to be used for designing and installation.

Polycarbonates are resistant to fire and other environmental conditions

Polycarbonates can strongly withstand any kinds of harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, storm, and snow. And, it can also withstand the heat of fire. Furthermore, polycarbonates are 200 times stronger than glass, which means that it can withstand the most forceful of impacts like stones, and hail, without being affected. Therefore, you can rest assured that no matter what the environmental condition, your polycarbonate structure is going to stand erect right in place!

With all these benefits, you can clearly say that polycarbonates are the best materials being used in the constructional industry today. Every designer and architect is tilting towards polycarbonates for their structures. This is why there is a rise in the number of polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in the country today. However, from the long list of manufacturers, you need to know where you should buy your polycarbonates from. Tuflite Polymers is the perfect choice where you can get all sorts of solid, textured, profiled, corrugated, and multiwall polycarbonate sheets. So, whenever it is any kind of polycarbonate you are looking for, remember it is Tuflite Polymers you must approach!