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In 1938 Dupont first synthesized Teflon® PTFE (Poly Tetra Flouro Ethylene), which has very low friction characteristics and outstanding chemical resistance. The advent of PTFE paved the way for the development of other fluoropolymer products including ETFE (Ethylene Tetra Flouro Ethylene). In the early 1970s Dupont and Hoechst introduced the first commercially extruded ETFE foil under the brand names of Tefzel® and Hostaflon®respectively.

The high tensile strength, resistance to tearing, excellent light transparency, and low flammability of ETFE foil roof meant that it was ideally suited for architectural applications. However, the high service temperature also meant that it was difficult to process. In 1981, Dr Stefan Lehnert of Vector Foiltec, invented a drop bar welding technique that was capable of welding large sheets of ETFE foil roof. This breakthrough made possible the development of ETFE building cladding systems.

Keeping our roofing background in mind, Tuflite Polymers wanted to introduce a new product to the Indian market that solved issues of design & structure while providing a fresh new iconic look to the roofing & cladding sectors. We exclusively partnered with Vector Foiltec in 2017, to provide the ETFE system and solutions throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Vector Foiltec designed, manufactured and installed the first ETFE cladding system in 1981 and has retained its position as markets leaders in this field.

They currently manufacture the product under the trademark of TEXLON ETFE®, and also manufacture ETFE cushions, while operating two high capacity production facilities in Europe and East Asia.

Vector Foiltec has been delivering ETFE cladding solutions since 1982. The services include; concept, scheme and detailed design, foil and structural engineering analysis and development of bespoke cladding systems to meet project specific light transmission and thermal performance requirements.

For all your requirements of TEXLON ETFE, ETFE foils, and ETFE cushions, you can get in touch with Tuflite Polymers, the leading ETFE suppliers in India, who can provide you the best ETFE price in India. Tuflite Polymers has also been providing the best-in-class polycarbonate roofing sheets to clients across the globe since more than a decade now.

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