Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Tuflite multiwall polycarbonate sheet is the most versatile polycarbonate sheet in the market. The hollow and multi cellular structure provides the flexibility while maintaining the strength of the sheet.

These multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets are manufactured from UV stabilized resin that ensures the product meets the highest quality standards. Due to its unique structure and design, the hollow and cellular multiwall polycarbonate sheet can be very light and can go from twin wall to triple walled structures ensuring its lightness and improving its thermal insulation depending upon the applications. With a wide range of options in terms of clear as well as diffused light, Tuflite Hollow & Cellular sheets can provide a maximum of 80 % and minimum of 25% light transmission. These polycarbonate roofing sheets allow light to enter, at a significantly lower heat transmission level, to ensure optimum illumination with maximum comfort.

For any kind of multiwall sheets, you can approach us as we are the renowned polycarbonate sheet manufacturers and polycarbonate sheet suppliers, who have been delivering a wide range of roofing solutions to clients for more than a decade now.

Product Range

  • Tuflite Twin Wall

  • Tuflite Triple Wall

  • Tuflite Four Wall




  • Skylights

  • Skywalks

  • Pergolas

  • Stadium Roofing

  • Hobby Greenhouses

  • Carports

  • Indoor roofing

  • Railway Station roofing


  • Signages

  • Billboards


  • Police Shields

  • Safety Glazing


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