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TufliteTM Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet are the most versatile polycarbonate sheets in the market. The glazing system provides outstanding flexibility in design, advanced heat reflection and light transmitting performance. Polycarbonate multiwall sheets are manufactured from high quality polycarbonate resin that ensures high impact strength, clarity and excellent transparency, and are 16% the weight of standard glass and 34% the weight of acrylic sheets, which makes them easy to carry.

Due to its unique structure and design Multiwall sheets can be very light and can go from twin wall to 5 walled structures ensuring its lightness and improving its thermal insulation depending upon the applications.

These polycarbonate multiwall sheets tolerate extreme outdoor weather conditions, while retaining its normal mechanical properties at temperatures ranging from -40 C to +120 C, making it perfect for use in any kind of weather. They are flame resistant, making it suitable for use in areas prone to fire. These sheets do not release toxic fumes, and hence pose no threat to human life in case of fire.

With a wide range of options in terms of clear as well as diffused light, TufliteTM Multiwall polycarbonate sheet can provide a maximum of 80 % and minimum of 25% light transmission. They allow light to enter, at a significantly lower heat transmission level, to ensure optimum illumination with maximum comfort. Excellent thermal insulation from the sheets results in phenomenal energy efficiency and savings in terms of primary capital and running costs of air conditioning and heating. This makes them an ideal choice for polycarbonate greenhouse panels too.

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