Tuflite Corrugated Sheets provide excellent impact resistance, a very wide range of light transmission options, and enhanced safety due to its excellent fire resistant (self-extinguishing) properties. Tuflite Corrugated profiled polycarbonate sheets have been engineered to suit industrial roof lighting, and daylight cladding applications for maximum natural daylight harvesting. These include industries, warehouses, commercial structures and residences too.

Tuflite Corrugated Sheets help harness this boundless resource conveniently, resulting in reduction of energy costs and reducing the effects of industrialization on the environment. Tuflite Corrugated Sheets also exhibit better insulation values against heat or cold when compared to glass or GFRP sheets.

Tuflite Corrugated Sheets remain stable under extreme climatic conditions, remaining virtually unchanged between temperatures of -40ºC and +120ºC. This broad range temperature resistance signifies that the sheets can perform below freezing point and above boiling point of water. However, adequate allowance needs to be made for thermal movement in the fixing arrangement.

Tuflite corrugated panels are UV coextruded on one side or both sides. The protective UV layer ensures that the sheets have superior resistance to weathering, and optical properties of the sheets remain intact for an extended period of time.