Experience the Richness of Tuflite Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Tuflite corrugated roofing sheets embody superb performance with exemplary resistivity to various impacts.These sheets are available in a vivid range of choices for light transmission and can also proudly claim to possess unique fire resistant properties. These sheets are deemed fit for commercial establishments, industrial application, residential areas and warehouses. The profiled sheets from Tuflite are manufactured with precise specifications to find apposite use in industrial roof illumination and daylight cladding. The use of corrugated sheets is genuinely effectual in enhancing daylight harvesting. The increasing concerns for environmental issues validate the use of such non-conventional products which can deliver adept resultsin terms of energy saving through daylight harvesting.

Solar energy is probably the most flexible and infinite energy source which has been and willbe providing astounding benefits to mankind. Corrugated sheets can aptly claim response from the consumer base in the present scenario where we are facing the grave problem of energy source depletion.Conventional sources such as petroleum and hydel power are gradually plummeting down in quantity and thus weneedcompetent alternatives which can decrease the consumption of energy as well as protect the environment.

Corrugated roofing solutions from Tuflite can proudly claim to possess prolific features such as:

  1. Resistance to extremes of temperature.
  2. Maintaining optical properties for longer periods of time.
  3. Facilitatingbetter insulation from heat and cold than glass sheets.

Corrugated Sheets